While I’ve spent the last few months working behind the scenes, I’m thrilled to officially step into the role of IAALS’ CEO today. Thank you to Sam Walker, the executive committee, and the entire staff for all they’ve done to get me up to speed and ready to start charting this next chapter for IAALS and our justice system.

This is a remarkable time to be joining the organization, and the need for change in our system has never been greater. IAALS is a leader in the path forward. We are envisioning—and achieving—better ways for the public to get legal help, and more accessible ways for our courts to serve the public. And everything we do is built upon empirical data that shows change is not just possible, it is essential.

The time for innovation and for rebuilding trust with the public is now, and I look forward to working alongside my colleagues toward justice we can believe in.

David Yellen, CEO

June 2021

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Please join us on June 9 from 11 a.m.–12 p.m. MDT for the first session of the Redesigning Legal Speaker Series, “Leading from the Bench—Expanding Access through Regulatory Innovation,” brought to you by IAALS, the ABA Center for Innovation, the ABA Center for Professional Responsibility, the ABA Standing Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services, and Legal Hackers. The panel, moderated by IAALS’ founding executive director and former Colorado Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Love Kourlis, will feature Justice Ann Timmer of Arizona, Chief Justice Bridget McCormack of Michigan, Chief Justice Nathan Hecht of Texas, and Chief Justice Matthew Durrant of Utah. Registration is free and CLE credits are available. 
Speaking Engagements
Logan Cornett speaking on a panel, "State of the Legal Profession and Design Thinking," at the Connecticut Legal Conference on June 7

Zack DeMeola speaking at the National Federation of Paralegals Associations 2021 Joint Conference on June 12

Michael Houlberg speaking at the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association 2021 Annual Convention on June 24
May 28: "The Urgency of the Rule of Law" on 2Civility 

May 25
: "Publication of Policies Governing Agency Adjudicators" in the Regulatory Review

May 25: "Senators Recommend District Judge Nominees" in Law Week Colorado

May 14
: "Foundation
s for Teaching: A Data-Driven Model to Help Legal Educators Build Learning Outcomes into Their Instruction" on the Best Practices for Legal Education blog

May 13: "IAALS Releases Data-Driven Guides on Educating and Hiring the 'Best Lawyers'" on 2Civility 

May 11: "Protecting the Cornerstone of Justice – Judicial Independence" on the Justice Not Politics website

May 8: "Unbundling Legal Services: A Win-Win-Win for Lawyers, Courts, and the Public" on the Chicago Bar Foundation blog

May 7
: "A 'Blind Spot' in the U.S. Civil Justice System" in the

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