Fifteen years ago, in January 2006, IAALS opened its doors on the University of Denver campus. Since then, we have been unwavering in our mission to restore fairness, function, and the public’s faith in our justice system. We enter 2021 with the same drive and commitment as always. 2020 was a difficult year for all of us, including our justice system—but we are committed to ensuring that past is not prologue and that our work will fundamentally improve the system for everyone, especially those who have been left behind. As last Wednesday’s tragic events illustrated, the rule of law is a pillar of our American way of life and our democracy, and it cannot be taken for granted. This year, we have much work to do, but in the end we will be closer than ever to a justice system we can believe in.

Sam Walker, Interim Executive Director
January 2021

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December 17: “Former Washington state bar leader remembered as a champion for legal innovation” in ABA Journal

December 11: "Prepared remarks: Attorney General Phil Weiser discusses leading with empathy with the Colorado Bar Association (Dec. 11, 2020)" on the Colorado Attorney General's blog

December 10: "Jurisdictions with COVID-19-related diploma privilege are going back to bar exam admissions" in ABA Journal

December 7: “NCBE Dismisses 114-Page Academic Report As ‘Fake News’” in Above the Law

December 4: “Law grads faced financial, medical challenges to take the bar this year” in ABC News

December 3: “Dear Santa: Here’s A Wish List For A Better Bar Exam” in Above the Law

December 2: “Amid COVID-19, the Bar Exam Faces a Reckoning and a Revamp” on 

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