As we enter the Thanksgiving season, we at IAALS find ourselves grateful for so much, especially during a year that has brought so many challenges. Supporters like you—our broad and varied network of partners and friends—keep us moving as we continue to build momentum for reform across our civil justice system and across the legal profession. We continually reassess how IAALS’ work can best address these uncertain and unprecedented times, and our work has picked up speed as we’ve adapted to our new realities and launched new efforts to address them.

We are also thankful for seeing our democracy in action this past week and everyone exercising their right to vote. This year has illuminated both how far we have come and how far we have left to go. There are many challenges before us, but together we are rebuilding justice. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to our mission.

Sam Walker, Interim Executive Director 
November 2020
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November 13 and November 20: COVID, the Court, and the Future of the Jury Trial virtual summit (hosted by the National Institute of Trial Advocacy and the Online Courtroom Project)

IAALS is excited to partner with this free virtual summit, which is designed to provide practical recommendations on procedures, resources, and skills for both courts and attorneys who are looking to conduct jury trials in this challenging time. Share your experiences with litigation in the COVID-19 landscape by taking this survey
October 29: “UniCourt Influencer Q&A with Natalie Anne Knowlton of IAALS” on UniCourt blog

October 29: “New study suggests cutting bar exam multiple choice questions or making them open book” in ABA Journal

October 8: “Denver’s 2020 ballot: How to pick all those judges” in Denverite

October 6: “‘Serious Reexamination’ of Bar Exam Looms as Grads Sit for Test” in Bloomberg Law

October 4: “Why lawyers can’t jump: the innovation crisis in law” in Legal Evolution

October 1: “Bold National Guidelines Outlined to Strengthen Family Courts” in Nevada Business
IAALS’ Redefining Case Management publication cited in Ohio Supreme Court’s Pathway Approach for Civil Cases

IAALS' Foundations for Practice project mentioned in a professional development presentation from the Practising Law Institute

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