The July 4th holiday was a timely reminder that our nation’s founding proposition is one of equality and our guiding pledge promises justice for all. But we still have far to go towards these ideals, as this year’s events have wrenchingly shown. The pandemic, economic dislocation, and nationwide protests against racism should serve as clarion calls for recommitting ourselves to building a justice system that ensures accountability and applies our laws equally and fairly to everyone.

Such a system would earn the public’s trust and promote the health of our democracy. This is why IAALS’ Public Trust and Confidence project is more important than ever. The project’s findings released last week—which are a culmination of two years of research—illustrate that people share common goals for our courts and justice system. They want courts that protect individuals and communities, maintain the rule of law, and provide justice without prejudice. Our full findings offer an important look into public perceptions and insights into how public trust can be earned and maintained. The project is one way that IAALS keeps working to promote justice we can believe in.

Scott Bales, Executive Director
July 2020 
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