Worldwide, people face great uncertainty and challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic. Many are living under stay-in-place orders, healthcare providers are working tirelessly to treat those who are ill, and businesses and workers are suffering economic impacts. As efforts proceed to defeat the pandemic, our legal system must continue to serve the public. Recognizing this need, courts around the country have rapidly responded, including by implementing tele- or videoconferencing in lieu of in-person proceedings. In addition, the American Bar Association has assembled a task force on legal needs arising from COVID-19.

IAALS is also adapting to the evolving situation while continuing our work to improve our legal system. We have postponed events, such as the Rebuilding Justice Award Dinner, but our entire staff is now busy working remotely on projects and publications like those described in this newsletter and on our website. We hope our partners, colleagues, and friends stay safe and healthy, and our thoughts are with all who have been affected by the pandemic.

Scott Bales, Executive Director
April 2020
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