February saw many strides in re-envisioning the delivery of legal services. The Conference of Chief Justices passed a resolution urging its members to consider regulatory innovations, and the ABA House of Delegates overwhelmingly passed a similar resolution. We also kicked off our Spring Speaker Series with an engaging talk from ABA President-elect Patricia Refo, who outlined the many questions posed by changes in regulating legal services while also stressing that we must address our country’s ever-growing justice needs. We are grateful to the president-elect for her thought-provoking talk, and we encourage you to register for the next two sessions.

Our Family Justice Advisory Committee met here in Denver last week, and we productively discussed current and potential work in this area. And, on the publications front, the Civil Justice Initiative Roadmap Implementation report will soon be released. Finally, I hope you can join us for our 13th Annual Rebuilding Justice Award Dinner on April 16, when we will honor Margaret Hagan and the late Chief Justice Mark Cady for their leadership and innovation in advancing our justice system.

Scott Bales, 
Executive Director
March 2020
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February 24: "The Fight Over the Future of Law Firm Ownership Has Put an Industry at Odds" in The American Lawyer

February 18: "ABA Says Industry Regs Need A Rethink, But Will It Matter?" in Law360

February 18: "US bar rules reform: 'without external agencies, change is almost impossible'" in 
The Global Legal Post

February 16: "Guest opinion: The case against electing judges" in Deseret News

February 13: "Conference of Chief Justices Supports Regulatory Innovation to Improve Access to Justice" in 2Civility

February 5: "Legalweek 2020: Open Access - Utah, California, Arizona, Oh My! What Changes to Law Firm Ownership Rules Really Mean" on Legal Talk Network's On the Road podcast

February 3
: "Think Like a Client" in Oregon Law Practice Management

IAALS' blog post pertaining to ABA Resolution 115 listed on the Arizona Legal Services Task Force page under "Resources."
March 19: The Future of Legal Services: Spring Speaker Series with William Henderson

April 16: 13th Annual Rebuilding Justice Award Dinner

April 29: The Future of Legal Services: Spring Speaker Series with Justices Hart, Himonas, and Timmer

November 11–13: Justice 2020 Summit

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