I hope everyone's year is off to a great start. I returned last week from Washington, D.C., where I attended the Association of American Law Schools' Annual Meeting and otherwise met with several of IAALS' partners and supporters. At the Annual Meeting, I connected with leaders in legal education around the country and attended sessions on topics ranging from the empirical study of legal education to reforming the regulation of legal services. Participants acknowledged IAALS' work on Foundations for Practice and Unlocking Legal Regulation, reflecting the important impact of these projects.

In late December, I wrote a blog post reflecting on my first few months as Executive Director. Toward the end I briefly note my goals for IAALS, and as we begin the year I thought it appropriate to also share them here: to expand IAALS' role as a catalyst for improving our legal system, recognizing especially the challenges and opportunities presented by technology, economic changes, and our nation's growing diversity. 

I look forward to our working together in 2020. 

Scott Bales, Executive Director
January 2020
Spotlight on US Justice Needs
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December 16: "Could Re-Regulation Benefit Lawyers?" in 2Civility

December 10
: "IAALS Examining Legal Regulation Link to Access" in Law Week Colorado
Think Like a Client and Unlocking Legal Regulation were recently listed on the American Bar Association's Future of the Delivery of Legal Services resource page under "Important Thought Pieces & Developments."

IAALS' Unlocking Legal Regulation project will benefit from work by Stanford Law School students in a class this spring titled 
"Can Opening up the Legal Services Market Increase Access to Justice?"

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