As 2019 draws to a close, all of us here at IAALS are hard at work wrapping up a few last projects before we end the year. Our Corporate Convening, held last month in Colorado Springs, brought together a small group of general counsel, corporate legal executives, and other experts in the area of corporate litigation to discuss the unique challenges and needs that businesses face in the American civil justice system today—all with the goal of informing IAALS’ development of a series of corporate surveys for our US Justice Needs project. We also recently released three guides related to our work on the Civil Justice Initiative and the Family Justice Initiative, which we hope will be put to good use by state courts everywhere to improve processes for the ever-growing number of self-represented litigants.

One thing to watch for this month is Redesigning Divorce, the final report resulting from our Court Compass project. This publication is based on user-centered design sprints that we held across the country in 2018; by bringing together self-represented litigants and other legal system stakeholders, we identified potential solutions to problems that many litigants experience during the separation and divorce process.

All of us here at IAALS hope that our partners, colleagues, and friends have a wonderful and restful holiday season. We’ll see you in the new year for more projects, publications, and ways to make the justice system one that we all can believe in. 

Scott Bales
Executive Director, December 2019
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IAALS is seeking a Senior Director to help lead its programmatic work, particularly in the areas of legal education and the delivery of legal services. In addition to this programmatic work, the Senior Director will serve on IAALS’ senior leadership team, help identify and implement strategic plans for IAALS and its programmatic areas, identify and maintain partnerships, participate in development opportunities, develop and lead projects, manage and develop staff to support IAALS objectives, and represent IAALS in public settings.

The Senior Director position is integral to IAALS’ continued success. We are seeking a highly-engaged professional—with the relevant background, experience, and skillset—to join our team. At IAALS, you will enjoy colleagues who are experts in their fields; people who are mission-driven, aligned, and working toward a common goal; and a tight-knit community within the larger community of the University of Denver.
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$250—Help support the completion of a research-based guide on how federal and state courts can more efficiently resolve case-dispositive motions, thus saving time and expense for litigants. 
$1000+—Spur the partnership with the Hague Institute for Innovation in Law (HiiL) in conducting a landmark survey of justice needs in the United States, so that we can make research-informed progress on closing the justice gaps in our society. 

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