As the new executive director, I am excited and honored by the opportunity to serve IAALS and the University of Denver. IAALS plays a unique role in working to improve our legal system—in terms of both its approach and its impact. Combining research with a collaborative, user-focused process, IAALS has helped identify practical legal system improvements at both the state and federal level. I saw the benefits of IAALS' work firsthand while serving on Arizona's Supreme Court, where we worked with IAALS on projects related to court processes, judicial selection and performance review, and the delivery of legal services. As this newsletter reflects, IAALS is now engaged in impactful initiatives affecting many aspects of our legal system—all connected to the ideal of achieving "justice we can believe in." I look forward to working with you and IAALS' many other supporters in building on the remarkable legacy of our founding director Becky Kourlis so that IAALS achieves an even greater impact in the coming years. 

Scott Bales
Executive Director, October 2019

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Pass the Gavel Dinner last month! Click here to see photos from the evening. 

IAALS is a national, independent research center dedicated to facilitating continuous improvement and advancing excellence in the American legal system. Our mission is to forge innovative and practical solutions to problems within the American legal system.

in the Future of the American Legal System

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