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 November 2018
"Together is
Better than
Empowering Youth Through Bicycles
Goings On... 
Together IS better than one....and 1,2,3 proves that!  
Congrats to all the riders for putting their best efforts out at practices and races; to the coaches who work so hard to help each rider strive to be their best; and to all the parents who help in so many ways! The team trophies, State Championships, and all the teamwork and camaraderie represent all of this!!
Way to go, El Grupo!
We shift seasons a bit now through most of November (which is maybe why this is so late! sorry!) 
Rest up mentally and physically, get caught up at school, and we will start to move into somewhat different territory. 
We will get back into some cross training with some trail building mixed in, and playing of Games to continue to build teamwork! 
Upcoming Events 
Nothing major! Whew!
Stay tuned to the blog for weekly changes in practices. 
And get ready for a really fun, action packed WINTER BREAK with lots of long, adventure rides!!!
Please be on the lookout for when it is your turn to help out at Manzo Bike Club. It makes a huge difference as you can see here:
And be sure to
especially, this very proud one here.
They, too, need to refresh emotionally, and hugs are really good at doing that! 
Bike Mechanics  
If you are wanting to LEARN more about how to work on your bike and get some help, a friend and volunteer of El Grupo, Steve Wilson, Jr. has offered to help! 
Mondays 4:30-6pm 
Head Mechanic Ian will also be present and available during this time, also.
Academic Support 
Academic tutors are available on Mondays. USE THEM! Especially as you near finals and want help studying and doing your very best!
~~Every Monday 3:30pm - 6:30pm~~
Contact Julia with questions or for help:

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