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June 2018
"When we point to obstacles, we inhibit progress.
When we offer solutions,
we advance it."
~Simon Sinek
Empowering Youth Through Bicycles
Goings On... 
Summer is here! Which means Summer Bike Camp is here - starts on Monday!! 
THANK YOU to all those riders who turned in their resumes! This was required in order to get paid for one week of camp. I have sent an email to some riders who did not do that yet. There will be a reduced paycheck, but I am giving you one last chance until Monday at 8pm. Not sure? Ask your kid or ask me!!
Bike Camp does not work without our Youth counselors! Here is who we are expecting: 
Week 1: June 4 -8
Paid: Lily Vitt, Jeremia, Quinn, Susie
Volunteering: Kaileen, Lily McGrath, Camilla, Kieran, Myles, Maddy M, Mostyn, Estevan, Sam B, Unai
Week 2: June 11-15
Paid: Brayden, Kieran, Mostyn, Maddy M, Eve, Sam B, Ethan S
Volunteering: Caden, Jesus, Thorsten, Caleb, Michael, Max, Leonardo, Oliver, Jordan, Estevan, Izzie, Ana
Week 3: June 18-22
Paid: Myles, Oliver, Izzie, Ana, Brayden, Caleb, Michael, Max
Volunteering: Jesus, Caden, Ethan S, Sheela, Leonardo, Jeremia, Izaac, Eve
Nutrition Camp 
Week 1 – Susie, Unai, Jeremia, Eve, Maddy M
Week 2 – Caleb, Ethan O, Susie, Maddy, Eve, Lily
Week 3 – Sam, Max, Ethan S, Izzie, Kajeme, Michael
The Durango Trip 
July 22-28 - Roster attached! If you want to go and your name is not here, let me know! if you are NOT planning on going, and your name is on the list, LMK!
Pay El Grupo $300 by June 24 for the week and help out by doing the following volunteering ONE WEEK of Summer Bike Camp or making separate arrangements with Daniela.
Bike Mechanics  
If you are wanting to LEARN more about how to work on your bike and get some help, a friend and volunteer of El Grupo, Steve Wilson, Jr. has offered to help! 
Mondays 4:30-6pm through the summer.
Head Mechanic Ian will also be present and available during this time, also.
Academic Support 
Academic tutors are available on Mondays.
~~Every Monday 4:30pm - 6:30pm~~
Julia and Erika hope to review and give feedback to you on your resumes, as well as offer some opprotutnies to learn how to write a good essay with some fun workshops. More details TBA. 
Contact Julia with questions or for help:

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