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May 2018
"Studies have shown that riding a bicycle everyday
makes you
more awesome
than the general population."
Empowering Youth Through Bicycles
Goings On... 
Congrats! You made it through a very busy spring season/semester and the end of the school year is in sight! Speaking of school (once teachers get what the respect they deserve! #RedforEd) - we shift our focus a bit now to helping you finish out the semester strong. Academic Support is here for you - or come clean up your bike - or come to one of the Pilates/Corework classes we will have this month to help stay focused! 
DEADLINE IS NEAR! We were fortunate to receive critical funds from Tucson Conquistadores last year in relation to our clubhouse expansion. They like to "help those who help themselves" and so we NEED YOU TO SELL Raffle Tickets. This will help us raise addtional funds to keep summer activities affordable AND better our chances of getting funds from Tucson Conquistadores, again! If you have not bought your 3 tickets per rider @ 10 each, PLEASE make that payment here, now! 
All Final Money and Ticket Stubs are Due back by Thursday, May 10th! Want to work bike camp? Want to have cool opportunities this summer? Sell some raffle tickets, please :) 
For the 8th consecutive year, El Grupo will run 3 weeks of Summer Bike Camps for kids ages 7-13 from our clubhouse:
June 4-8
June 11-15
June 18-22
El Grupo youth riders (age 14 and older) will have the opportunity to work camp for a stipend. It will most likely be limited to one week PAID per rider, but there may be other opportunties that veteran riders can earn.
ALL TEAM MEMBERS WILL BE REQUIRED TO VOLUNTEER ONE WEEK in additional to the paid week in order to go on the Durango MTB Trip. The additional cost for the week is $300. 
Durango trip: July 22-28
Prerequisisites and sign ups for working/volunteering for camps include: 1. Turning in a resume if you are 14 or older by May 29th. (see workshop below)
2. Volunteering one week in addition to getting paid one week
3. Signing up via the link below
Please sign up for both your volunteer and paid week, if applicable. Thanks! 
Events Upcoming... 
Ride like a Girl! - Saturday, May 5th 7am - 12pm
In celebration of the future of the sport and with Mother's day around the corner, let's get together and remember what it means to ride like a girl! We'll be joined by the fabulous girls of El Grupo Youth Cycling for fun at Barrio trails. Register here! 
Team Party - Sunday, May 20th 5pm - 7pm - This will be a fun celebration, graduation party, and delivery of important summer and fall plan information. PLEASE ATTEND - Parents, riders, siblings - don't let your kid tell you not to come - this is for all! @Catalina Terrace Pool - PLAN ON SWIMMING! More details forthcoming
Academic Support
High School Resume Workshop 
MAY 2 @ 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
  1. Who: current high school riders
  2. What: workshop to help you get a great resume together and practice filling out applications
  3. When: Wednesday May 2nd from 4:30 – 6:00PM
  4. Where: El Grupo Clubhouse, Academic Space
  5. Why: to give you a head start on job hunting and creating resumes for future applications
  6. You should bring: a laptop (if you have one, it’s fine if you don’t), writing utensils and a gung-ho attitude (or at least a productive one).
Academic tutors are available on Mondays.
~~Every Monday 4:30pm - 6:30pm~~
Additional hours will be available, and some will be required as an occasional check-in. 
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