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AMPC Summer 2019 Update
Atlanta Memorial Park Conservancy's mission is to restore, enhance, and preserve Atlanta Memorial Park, making it a beautiful, connected, and sustainable urban greenspace for the enjoyment of all.

 What's happening in the park?
Read on for important updates...

Atlanta Memorial Park Sidewalk Project
                                   Before                                                        In progress
Thanks to the hard work by Renew Atlanta and contractor, Astra Group, the installation of new granite curbing and 5' sidewalks around the perimeter of Memorial Park is ahead of schedule!  With crews now working near the entrance to the playground, please use the temporary entrance across from 664 Wesley Drive to access the playground. If you have any questions about the project, please reach out to Adrian Carver, Renew Atlanta/TSPLOST contact for construction outreach, at 404.330.6165 or

 Park Pride Legacy Grant
Beautification and Nature Trail Project
                               Before                                                                    After
The beautiful rain garden is complete and functioning as intended to drain stagnant water after rainstorms.  The rain garden is also a hit with children as they step through the garden to explore and play.  Next up as we wait for the Department of Watershed Management (DWM) contractor to wrap up their work near Wesley/Northside Drive is to add more native plants, enhance the picnic areas and install a nature trail near the playground. After those improvements are complete, AMPC's landscaping contractor will move to the old playground area to restore that section of the park and complete enhancements to the nature trails. 

 DWM Howell Mill Road Outfall Realignment Project
                                     Before                                                            After
AMPC is excited to share that the sewer aerial (shown above) has been removed as part of the project. DWM contractor, Ruby-Collins, has done an excellent job working alongside neighbors and passersby to complete the installation of the pump station, grinder pumps, and force main.  Ruby-Collins will also repair sections of the concrete sidewalk that have been damaged and install a driveway apron for maintenance access on Peachtree Battle Avenue. The contractor is waiting on Atlanta Gas Light to tie the gas line into the new pump station so that the testing and activation of the system can occur.  In the fall, thanks to a collaborative effort between DWM and AMPC, native plants and shrubs will be planted to provide a natural buffer. Click here for the updated flyer with more information.  

DWM Oldfield/Woodward Way Outfall Realignment Project
Construction continues to remove the aerial sewer and re-route the sewer line, tying into the new pump station on the east side of Northside Drive. To date, Garney (DWM's contactor for the project) has approximately 4 weeks of work remaining which includes the following: 
* installing approximately 675+/- linear feet of pipe on Woodward Way (east      of Northside Drive),
* installing 3 manholes,
* evaluating the raising of one additional manhole, 
* removing two piers on the stream bank, one manhole, and the 8" sewer          that  crosses Peachtree Creek, 
* and completing restoration of the road and park (paving, grassing, etc.).
After this work is complete, the disturbed stream bank will be restored with appropriate stabilizing materials. Click here for additional information.

DWM Peachtree Creek Trunk Stabilization Project
Ruby-Collins, DWM contractor, is close to wrapping up its work in the park. Crews have finished cleaning and relining the trunk line in the park, removing over 3,900 tons of debris.  In 2-3 weeks, crews will return to clean the two 60" sewer lines that run from the manhole at Northside Drive to the siphon off Woodward Way on the east side of Northside Drive. While the entire project will not be complete until 4Q 2019, the contractor is expected to finish up its work in Atlanta Memorial Park in August 2019, weather permitting. Click here for additional information.

How can I help?
Read on for volunteer opportunities...

Sign up for DWM's Adopt a Drain Program in Atlanta Memorial Park!
Do you see your address below or live near one of the addresses listed? If you want to help keep the storm drains free of leaves and debris and want to join neighbors throughout the city in helping to protect the environment, manage stormwater, minimize flooding, and report infrastructure malfunctions and issues, please sign up here. The storm drains in Atlanta Memorial Park are located:
* across from 633 and 705 Woodward Way,
* on both sides of 691 and 725 Woodward Way,
* on both sides of the street at the property line between 753 Woodward Way    and the neighboring FEMA lot,
* on both sides of the side yard of 720 Peachtree Battle Avenue (drains            located on Woodward Way),

* across from 753 Peachtree Battle Avenue,
* on both sides of 805 Peachtree Battle Avenue,
* across from 865, 740, and 710 Wesley Drive,
* on both sides of 656 Wesley Drive,
* near the intersection of Howell Mill Road and Peachtree Battle Avenue on      Howell Mill Road, and  
* before the Howell Mill bridge on the south side of the creek.

Sign up to volunteer for parkrunATL!
parkrunATL is coming to Atlanta Memorial Park! parkrun is an international network of volunteer-driven, free, timed 5K runs/walks every Saturday morning around the globe.  The events are open to everyone of all abilities and speeds, and are free, safe, and easy to take part in. To learn more, click here or visit parkrun's Facebook page @parkrunusa.
The first official Atlanta parkrun is targeted for September 14. If you would like to help volunteer a few times a year (to be a marshall, starter, or timer), please contact Sammie at

Sign up for the August
Trees Atlanta/AMPC Forest Restoration Volunteer Day! 
AMPC, Park Pride, and Trees Atlanta thank LOVE ATLANTA for coming out to the Beltline behind the old Bobby Jones clubhouse to remove kudzu and other invasive plants, giving trees like the one below a chance to survive and thrive! 
                               Before                                                                After
Join us on Saturday, August 10, from 9 am to noon. AMPC, Trees Atlanta, and volunteers will continue AMPC's work to remove invasive species in the park.  Meet in the park next to the home located at 811 Wesley Drive. From there, the group will walk to the site where the kudzu is located. Please wear long-sleeve shirts, long pants, and closed-toe shoes (and bring a water bottle) for the work day. Trees Atlanta will provide tools and gloves. Click here to register.


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