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NEW WEBSITE with a Translator Built in!

We've launched our new website and are excited to share the language translator built into it.   Located in the upper right corner, select the button and the available languages will be listed.  It will automatically load the website in your language of choice.  

Check it out here:  WEBSITE

To find all the Food Pantry information - select one of the two FOOD PANTRY Tabs.


New Food Pantry Home Page!

We will be updating this page to give you the latest Food Pantry news.  Spend some time getting to know the different sections and what we have to offer.

It's super easy to find the Food Pantry Visit Sign Up on the new Website!  Just find the Food Pantry page and click on the "Schedule Next Visit" button.  

To go to our New Food Pantry Page:  FOOD PANTRY PAGE

To go directly to the Sign Up for your next visit:   DIRECT TO SIGN UP GENIUS
 What comes in a typical order?  How do I make requests?  What's available to order?  It's all here!

Use the + signs to the right of the boxes to expand a window and see all the details.  We will keep this list up to date with the season and what is available.
The Needham Public Schools are offering FREE Summer Meals for children ages 1 - 20 from June 28th - August 20th!

Monday through Friday
11 am - 12:30 pm
at Needham High School
Drive-through pick up at the High School
Enter on the street between Admiral Gracey and Webster St.
(No pre-ordering required)

If you have any specific needs due to food allergies,
please contact Summer Meals Manager, Joan O’Brien at joan_o’brien@needham.k12.ma.us
or: 781-455-0466 x 54066

The menu will be posted on the NPS Nutrition Services website.
There will be a daily option of “WowButter” (soy) & Jelly sandwich lunch in addition to the daily menu-of-the-day.
Needham Rotary Hosts
The Carnival is coming to town and you're invited!

The Needham Rotary is offering a limited number of FREE tickets to our Food Pantry customers.  Call the Council to make arrangements and more details!

Restaurant Program Ends on a Sweet Note!
Sweet Treats
Fresh Meats
Breakfast Sandwiches
& More
As our Restaurant Program enters its last month, we're thrilled to have Hazel's Bakery on the menu.  These gift certificates will come you way later this week.  You'll find everything from freshly made sandwiches and pizza to bread and baked goodies!  Sure to please even the pickiest eater.

8 am - 2 pm
Tuesday - Saturday

We hope you've enjoyed the program as much as we've enjoyed partnering with local restaurants to help them through a difficult time for the restaurant industry.

These restaurants need our business so don't be shy about using the cards!  

Mobile Market is Here!
The Needham Community Farm will be bringing their fresh produce right to your back yard with the Mobile Market. 

Robert Cook Drive
Every Tuesday
5 pm - 5:30 pm
Seabeds Way
Every Tuesday
5:30 pm - 6 pm
Make the most of these versatile veggies!

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Sandra Robinson, Executive Director

Katerina Posadskova, Food Pantry Manager

Sue Biasizzo, Food Pantry Communications Manager


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