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Planning is underway for both Thanksgiving and Holiday Gift Giving

Please choose from one of the two options for Thanksgiving food support:
  • Reserve a fully cooked meal delivered to your home on Wednesday 11/25 - call the office at 781-444-2415


  • Pick up food on Monday 11/23 or Tuesday 11/24 to cook your meal at home - Sign up below or call our office to set up a pick up time. 
This will be a no-contact pickup with no custom orders.  Each box will be appropriately sized for your household and contain stuffing, potatoes, canned corn, green beans, gravy, butter,  corn bread mix and brownie mix.  This box WILL NOT include a turkey, there will be a gift certificate to Roche Brothers that can be used to buy a turkey or any other food if you've already purchased your turkey. 


Due to Covid we will not be able to have you "shop" in the Council.  We will be distributing gift certificates to local businesses for all members in your family that we have on your account.  You will then be able to shop at the the local businesses to select presents of your choice.   
No matter how you celebrate, our goal is to bring a smile to all our families!


To Participate in either program you MUST be SIGNED UP

There are two tabs on the Sign up, one for each program. 


November Hours Changes

Closed for Veterans Day     
Wednesday, November 11th 
Substitute Days    Monday evening, Nov 9th & Friday, Nov 13th

 Closed for Food Pantry Regular Food Pick Up     Monday, Nov 23rd
Substitute Day     Friday, Nov 20th

to Sign up for your next regular food pickup appointment

Need a Ride to the Polls?
Having trouble getting to the polls or other essential service? We are available to help you get where you need to go:
  • Call the office to set up your ride at least 24 hours prior to your appointment

  • Rides are offered M-F from  9 am to 3 pm

  • All COVID safety protocol is in place - masks must be worn

  • You must be able to get to and from the car and in and out of the car independently.

A Gift of Warmth
Do you need help paying your utility bills including your home heating?  We have helped the Town of Needham expand their Gift of Warmth program to assist our families with their utility bills. 

Immediate Assistance is Available!
Contact Tiffany at the Needham Health Department at 
781-455-7940 ext 217

We Have Personal Hygiene Products
We know that every little bit can make a difference and we are here to help.  We have many personal products available.  If you need any of the following items please add  them to your requests on your sign up or call us and we can add them.  Your information in confidential and will not be shared.    

pantiliners and maxi pads
poise liners and pads
diapers - adult
diapers - youth

Worried your Food has Expired?
Food Safety Fact Sheet

On occasion the items you receive will be close to or beyond the "sell by" date.  There is confusion over what the different dates on the food really mean.   That date often does not mean the the food is spoiled, only that it is not at it's best.  We've compiled a Fact Sheet that can help explain what the different dates mean. 

Home Cooked Lasagna 
delivered to your home

Could your family use a home cooked meal prepared by a local chef?  A group of Needham parents are coordinating local cooks to make Lasganga dinners for the families in Needham who could use a little help.  This is not an official Council program - please contact them directly by going to THEIR Website to set up a delivery.

Fall Recipes to Get you Cookin'

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