Welcome to Safe and Sound Dorset’s quarterly Newsletter. We love to use this space to share details and stories of what we have been up to as a charity over the last few months and how you have been positively impacted. We love to share your creativity and voices too!
Volunteers’ Space!
Volunteer's week celebration
It was wonderful to celebrate and thank all our volunteers during June. 
‘You all give up your time to make a difference. YOU make a difference to us and help us make Safe and Sound Dorset a special place……
We are better by having you on our team. Thank you, for all that you do!’

Date for your diary – 
Monday 4th October 2021 GDPR
Monday 8th November 2021 Health and Safety
Volunteer in-service online training is paramount to us staying abreast of CPD, legislation, knowledge, and skills. We will be starting a monthly series of training with Safeguarding,  GDPR & health & safety. Each session will begin at 7pm to 8pm to accommodate work commitments. 
Volunteer recruitment 
We have various volunteering opportunities and are looking to increase our team. If you know of anyone who is interested and looking for a volunteering opportunity, we would love to hear from them.
Call Kriss on 07359 026923 or visit

Jemma – “The Precious Stone” Fund

The meaning of Jemma is ' precious stone' .
Jemma Katharine Smart 1984- 2021 
We are heart-broken to lose lovely Jemma.
Jemma was a much loved mother, daughter and sister. Jemma is cherished by her friends and will always be remembered.
Jemma completed a Restart programme with TheHorseCourse earlier this year. She gained a great deal from the programme and volunteer scheme, including increased confidence and a sense of purpose.
Jemma, we miss you so much. Your smile and happiness always shone through.
You embraced life to the full and we loved you and your excitement of life.
With love from us all at Safe and Sound Dorset
Jemma’s Fund
Jemma valued and enjoyed feeling part of a community and often expressed how beneficial our services were to her. She especially loved our outreach contact and she enjoyed horse therapy and nature days. 
'Nature and equine therapy benefits people of all ages, especially those with memory- related illnesses. Hugging a pony or walking with a horse can trigger a memory, promote an emotional connection, or foster a smile, all of which can be the motivation needed to keep going and encourage positive change.'

Jemma’s Fund set up by Safe and Sound Dorset is dedicated to supporting women. Offering this therapeutic intervention with animals and nature, can have a profound positive benefit on both physical and mental health and well-being.

What a wonderful time we have had with our Miniature Horse Friends at 
Country Corner, Verwood!
 It was a time for us to bond with the horses and form lasting connections with one another.
Being with horses can teach us so much about relationships and successful communication. Horses mirror us but they do not criticise. They can detect our emotions and usually provide immediate and responsive feedback. Horses live in the moment, not in the past or the future and they do not hold resentments or lie. They encourage both verbal and non-verbal communication and mutual respect and trust. Concentration skills and observation are necessary and learning how to care for such a large animal can be empowering, helping to improve confidence and self-esteem. Horses offer affection through touch and stroking which have been proven to have therapeutic effects, especially in treating anxiety and depression.
Our women definitely benefited from time in the fresh air with our beautiful four-legged friends. Everyone left feeling a little bit more relaxed and a little less stressed.
Thank you Faithworks Wessex for the funding for our summer outings!

This was a day funded by Action Hampshire , Communities Against Cancer to encourage Cancer Prevention through Exercise, Healthy Eating and Awareness. We started off the day with a lovely meditation on the beach with Silent Yoga UK. We then had our healthy Fruit Boost Shoots made with watermelon, strawberry, orange, mint, ginger and turmeric to help with inflammation. Yum!!
We followed that with our Disco Yoga which ended up with some of the women dancing in the sea!

We had guest speakers, Jane Joy, from the YMCA and Carina George from the CarinaGeorgeYoga share their heart-felt experiences of their own journey with cancer. It was inspiring and emotional with Jane going off to hospital the following week to have an operation to lower her chances of getting cancer again.

It was an inspirational and awe-inspiring day and one that we won’t forget. We have some Women’s Retreat Days coming soon. Details to follow.

Roxy’s creative corner

Roxy’s Creative Corner is an area dedicated to her for sharing and inspiring and entertaining us. Each month Roxy will share her written and audio personal work. 
If you would like to hear this poem spoken out by Roxy herself please visit

I am 

I am sand between toes of innocent youth building the sandcastles of their future
I am their hopes and dreams like their fairy tales where the aim is to find the perfect suitor
Each grain represents a memory, it’s tiny footprints of a giant bravery embedded in the souls of many
If I were quick, I could swallow you whole, but under the light …haste is not my goal
I am sea, from the land you look at me. On the surface the sun is reflected trough a haze but beyond
I’m full of uncertainty
I whisper in the dawn; beneath the edges of the shore my waves come crushing down, powerful, and strong
Seagulls glide across waters in search of life, a glimpse of anything they can catch in mid-air, for me, they have no care
They see from above the warm embrace between Ocean and Land, miles of entanglement, hand in hand
I am the skies above, my presence when calm,
represents love
When the sand is turned and the waves cascade into the grey sullen shore, I am raining down from above
My omniscience is of great wonder, where many will ponder
The meaning of life contemplated like every great Philosopher
In the lightness of day, whether bright or grey, I am your gravity holding you firmly in the sand
I am

By Roxy

Creative Writing

To Safe and Sound Dorset, creative writing is any writing that goes outside the bounds of normal. It is writing with several intentions: to entertain us, comfort us, or perhaps teach us a lesson, to share experiences, imagination or see things in a new way, from someone else’s perspective.
Led by Katie on the first Monday of each month we select various topics. Apart from this being fun, many of our service users report mental, emotional, and physical health benefits. Creative writing alleviates stress levels and can ward off depression and anxiety with current problems, which is why we support this expression. In fact, the impact has been so positive and the writing so beautiful we just had to share it with you. This section of our creative writing has been produced by the women engaged with Safe and Sound Dorset during our creative sessions.
Enjoy !

WOW! What a year…never before and never again, I hope!
At first, I felt fearful. What was going to happen? Who was going to be lost to us forever? Everything has shut down!
We were stuck in our bubble in the house – a safe place. Nothing could get us here!
Then the sun came out and we ventured out for a walk each day. It was strange to walk with 2 meters between everyone; we greeted strangers as if they were long lost friends.’
‘Walking by the sea is lovely. Very relaxing and calming. Putting my mind and body at peace. Walking into Boscombe gardens is very relaxing and calming, especially coming to an end, coming up to Boscombe Pier.
I can also come in contact with other human beings on the way, which also puts me in touch with nature . ‘

'The nature of the Lockdown is unnatural to me. I like to see a smiling face and to cuddle up freely.
The nature of the lockdown is about elite control to let them know we all obey and just do as we’re told.
The nature of the lockdown only applies to you and me. Not to the so called ‘elite ‘They still have cuddle and smile.
The nature of the lockdown is to break our spirit and steal our very soul. The nature of the lockdown is only about the elite grabbing more and more control.
If we don’t stop and learn from what has been before, the nature of this lockdown is to have a silent war .
The nature of this lockdown is unnatural to me because God blessed me with an immune system and made me free.'
We have the privilege to share this extraordinary story with you . It has been written in one of our Creative Writing session by one of our amazing women.
'It’s important to have a voice.
From the age of 13 I worked as a sex worker mainly on the streets for 28 years.
 I felt deeply ashamed and kept this part of my life a secret, especially from my children and certain members of my family.
I started taking heroin at the age of 15 to medicate the emotional trauma I experienced in my childhood and adolescent years.
When I was 46 years old, I encountered the love of Jesus in a dream. His whole being emanated love, mercy, kindness and security. I fell before his feet weeping- actually I was howling having realised the choices I had made and how he saw it all. I asked him for forgiveness. I closed my eyes and embraced the love and sense of wholeness that came from Jesus that touched me.
In 2010 I was sent a form via email. It was the APPGAP government, who was asking me to write about my experience whilst working on the streets. I prayed about it and I sensed God’s approval. Within a year I visited the House of Parliament three times to give evidence in person. Lord Marow from Ireland was on the panel besides other MP’s that I have recognised. I felt terrified but answered their questions to the best of my ability. This resulted in the changing of laws, especially regarding trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation. I hadn’t realised that from the age of 13 I had been trafficked.
It is important to have a voice, so you don’t feel alone and isolated and locked in shame.
A voice in the hands of the Almighty God can open doors for others who feel that they don’t have a voice. Speak up! '

I came through the lockdown better than I thought I would to be honest. I think it changed me a little. It has made me realise that God has given us for free all this beauty. I watched as seasons came and went. As Spring turned into Summer and Autumn turned into Winter.’

Who’s voice?
I have a voice; I’m asked my opinion and I’m given a choice.
Where do we go for the right to be heard, to take notice is preferred.
I feel the urge to speak but the response is often weak.
Can we really say that things have changed, moved on ,we’re more often to speak ?
I’m still living in a world where superlative is expected.
I have a voice, I’m asked my opinion and I’m given a choice ?
Centering on an astrobiologous concept.
It’s an out of reach notion, yet through the years we slept
Allowing the world to believe our gender makes us nothing more than inept 
Still we slept
I have a voice, I’m asked my opinion and I’m given a choice.
This is IT. This is our time to BE the change, NOT ask for the change.
Don’t wait for the door to be opened , for policies to be changed , for approval to obtain .
This is my opinion and I will make the choice.'

By Roxy

Safe and Sound Dorset runs creative sessions for women in a safe space. Due to sensitive issues with our service users we prefer to have an exclusive area for women only. There will be times when a man is present but this will be an exception.
The dates for our new termly programme are:

Autumn Term 
September 13th - Dec 17th
Half term Oct 25th-29th
Spring Term 20 sessions 
January 10th - April 8th
Half term Feb 21st -25th
Summer Term 23 sessions 
April 25th - July 15th 
Half term May 30 -June 3rd

Please get in touch with us to find out which venues would suit you by emailing us at info@safeandsounddorset.org
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