Oh God of many names,

Who unites and sustains us all,
We stand before you united in care and concern for our brothers and sisters in Louisiana and beyond. Comfort them in their time of uncertainty and loss, and bring peace and hope to those who have tragically lost loved ones. Lead us as your people to action, showing us how we might give back and contribute, that we would not be idle in this time, and that we may continue to do all that we can to heal the planet and our communities.

- SCIPL Family 

As we head into fall we are reflective of the timely educational opportunities offered, and mindful of the work ahead to provide relevant and impactful events, programs and training for people of faith to take climate action. 

This past month we continued our Faith, Health and Climate Series where we discussed Hurricanes, Floods, and Rising Sea Levels a topic we have unfortunately seen tragically impact our country over the last week. In addition to that, we are expanding our Congregational Energy Efficiency Program (details below) and we are planning a series of legislative bird walks in partnership with Audubon.

Our legislative bird walks will give you an opportunity to get to know your elected officials while learning about birds and the impact of climate change on birds and people. Stay tuned for dates and the registration link as these bird walks and our next session of the Faith, Health and Climate Series are being finalized. 

Moving into the final months of the year, we invite you to join us for an upcoming activity and give us feedback about SCIPL's work.  

Thank you all for being a part of this community of faith. We could not do anything that we do without your support. 

From Your SCIPL Team: Michael Brown, Alecia Brewster, Connor Campbell & Marjorie Anne Foster

Hurricanes, Floods, and Rising Sea Levels 

Last month, we continued our Faith, Health and Climate series discussing Hurricanes, Floods, and Rising Sea Levels and the impacts on our state. The panel event was hosted Dr. Brandon Emery, Member of SC Health Professional for Climate Action, and included special guest, April O'leary, founder of Horry County Rising.
This event was eye opening and deeply informative. The panelists discussed how we can help those affected by hurricanes, shedding light particularly on caring for the most vulnerable. 

Donnelly spoke specifically to the emotional trauma her own son experienced after their home was destroyed due to flooding from hurricane Florence. "It’s a violation," She said explaining how flooding radically altered her life. "It removes that sense of security you thought you had in your home." Her advice to those who want to help flood victims was to give gift cards, meals, and not forget the children and African American communities, which are typically on the edges and ignored by the masses. 

Lastly, the panelists discussed the need for mitigation. As sea levels rise, there are tangible things we can do to help decrease the negative impacts of flooding and hurricanes. One of the many ways to mitigate the impact flooding today is more trees. As we watch the country suffering as a result of deforestation and climate change, please consider learning more about what SCIPL is doing to support the growth of more trees locally and globally here

You can access the Hurricanes, Floods and Sea Level Rise recording here.

SCIPL would like to extend a special thank you to our partner South Carolina Health Professionals for Climate Action (SCHPCLA). 

Please consider following Horry County Rising to learn more about how you can help.


Global TREE Campaign

Beginning September 4th – October 4th, SCIPL will be partnering with the Gullah/Geechee Nation to address deforestation and climate change. To us, it is necessary to address these issues globally and locally. We believe in the power of trees and we want to help our neighbors and the world through the healing and purifying qualities of trees.

Our goal is to raise $12,000 this year for reforestation efforts in South Carolina and around the globe. This project lays the common ground for people of all faiths from different corners of the world to work collectively on something greater than us all: the Planet. Join us over the next four weeks in raising funds, building community resiliency and enhancing human health in four global locations:

Learn more about our project from Queen Quet, Chieftess of the Gullah/Geechee Nation here.

Read more about each country and donate here.

Learn More & Donate

Congregational Energy Efficiency Challenge

The Congregational Energy Efficiency Challenge (CEEC) is an SCIPL program that helps South Carolina faith communities make energy efficiency upgrades to their houses of worship, while equipping them to serve as advocates for earth care within their faith network.

Our 2021 CEEC is currently underway, thanks in large part to the South Carolina State Energy Office! We are mentioned in their latest newsletter, which you can view here.

Because of their gracious support, we are in the middle of conducting two energy audits with local congregations in the Greenville area. These audits are vital to our energy-efficiency work, because they identify where the greatest inefficiencies are occurring, and what the most efficiency upgrades are. Once these are conducted, we will move on to the next stage of the program and begin making upgrades.

Follow us on social media and check our website to receive all of the latest updates!

A 'Mighty Cause' Thank You!

With the generous support of our partners at The Change Church and several individual donors, SCIPL raised $1525 during our “A Community Thrives” campaign last month. Although our campaign has ended, our work and need for financial support continues. If you believe in the power of South Carolina’s faith community to address our climate and environmental justice challenges, please help by making a monthly or one-time donation here.     

SCIPL Goals for 2021-2022

Top goals for 2021-2022 are:
  • Complete the Congregational Energy Efficiency Challenge (CEEC) with at least three congregations
  • Have fifty individuals or congregations commit to intentional Earth Care actions
  • Raise $40,000 for SCIPL Programming (providing funding for a full-time coordinator)
  • Increase our reach by doubling our newsletter subscribers in 2021
  • Engage graduates of SCIPL's Civic Engagement Academy in climate and community actions
  • Develop and market a calendar of climate education, worship, advocacy and capacity building opportunities for SC congregations

Green Team Summit 2021

As an official partner of the 2021 Green Team Summit, we are reaching out to invite you to join Faith in Place/IL IPL on September 12-14th for a 3-night immersive and interactive virtual journey into healing.
We often live in a place of disconnect from our communities, history, land, food, spirit, and bodies. These disconnects are the root causes of the environmental and social crisis we face. Join us for this summit to practice ways we can heal these broken connections during the interactive sessions.
Together, we will walk on a virtual meditative journey through the vividly green wetlands in Shawnee National Forest, tour a farm bringing local produce to their community, gather in a racial healing circle, learn to create a simple recipe from in-season ingredients and so much more. 
Join us to be inspired and encouraged in your environmental work by registering for free today (LINK: https://bit.ly/HealingGTS). Anyone is invited! There is even an eco-bedtime story for children Tuesday, Sept. 14th at 8pmCT. 
Register for free to access all of the Summit's workshops and you will also receive a free copy of the ebook, Rooted in Healing: A Collection of Quotes, to inspire your healing journey.
See you at the Summit!

Green the Church Summit

Join SCIPL for the Green the Black Church Movement summit in Greenville, SC on Saturday, October 2nd from 10 am - 12pm. During this summit you will learn more about: What God says about the Earth, Climate Change, Environmental Justice 101 and the Social Impacts of Climate Change. You will also hear from Reverend Timothy McCrary about efforts to expand the role of faith and community organizations in providing social, disaster, educational and business/community development in their respective communities. Go to www.scipl.org to register. All faith leaders attending on behalf of their group will receive a $100 stipend from our sponsoring organizations, Imani Group and Health4Purpose. In person registration and attendance is capped at 15 people. 
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