Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

God's earth and people restored. Imagine.
Imagine a world where children do not go to bed hungry at night. A world where we learn to lay down our swords and shields by the riverside and study war no more. Imagine our air is clear, our water clean, our environment healing.
Imagine a world where there is liberty and justice for all.
Imagine a world where every person is seen as God sees us, as a child of God, equally endowed, Imago Dei, in the image and likeness of God, and therefore equally treated under law. And in all human relationships. Imagine a new heaven, a new earth. God's earth and people restore it, imagine.


Summer at SCIPL

SCIPL has had a wonderful and eventful summer thus far. As the world is opening back up, we are loving getting to reconnect with those we haven't seen in a year. As people of faith, it is our community and the times of fellowship we cherish most and we are so grateful to be able to continually serve and love our state. 

This past month we continued our Faith, Health and Climate Series where we discussed Extreme Heat and its impact on our state. In addition to that, we building a passionate and highly engaged Leadership Council.

Moving into the final months of summer, we have new events, projects, and fundraisers for all of you to enjoy and contribute to. 

Thank you all for being a part of this community of faith. We could not do anything that we do without your support. 

From Your SCIPL Team: Michael Brown, Alecia Brewster, Connor Campbell, Marjorie Anne Foster & Ebony Flowers 
SCIPL will be participating in the "A Community Thrives" campaign starting THIS MONDAY (July 19th) - August 12th. A Community Thrives  is a grant-making and crowdfunding program from the USA TODAY NETWORK, which includes USA TODAY and Gannett’s hundreds of local media brands.

If SCIPL collects $3,000 in donations, we will qualify for a variety of grants from the Gannett Foundation. SCIPL has seen growing success in its events, educational programs, and training, but without sufficient funding, we are unable to serve our state in the ways we hope. 

Your donation 
will allow SCIPL to build on recent programming successes, reach more houses of worship across the state, and incite collective action for environmental justice. Because SCIPL is the only interfaith organization addressing climate change and environmental justice by engaging houses of worship in South Carolina, your donation will contribute to our goal of uniting our state's faith communities for a greater cause.

Extreme Heat & Inequity Panel 

Last month, we continued our Faith, Health and Climate series discussing Extreme Heat and the impacts it has on our state. The panel event hosted Dr. Brandon Emery, Member of SC Health Professional for Climate Action, David Johnston, Chairman, Steering Co. Charleston Resilience Network, Janice Barns, Founder of Climate Adaptation Partners, and LaRahna Hughes, SCIPL Leadership Council Member & Owner of Seeds Farm & Market, Williston, SC. Each panelist brought in a unique, special orientation to how they see heat impacting our state.
Dr. Emery shared his thoughts: 

"With extreme heat, I feel it's one of the most under-appreciated aspects of climate change as far as a direct public health impact. The use of images of  icecaps melting and polar bears has made the issue seem distant and less impactful on day-to-day life. Extreme heat kills more Americans than any other extreme weather events. While we see the devastation of hurricane related deaths (which are underreported, too) and flooding, we rarely see images of those impacted daily by summer heat waves. In fact, it's minimized by jokes about the weather, the slogans of cities, and cultural attitudes of Southerners."

This event was eye opening and deeply informative. The panelists ended the conversation with a call to action and practical steps we all can take to mitigate and adapt to our extreme weather patterns. 

You can access the recording here.

This event would not have been possible without these wonderful partner organizations. SCIPL would like to extend a special thank you to our partners with the Charleston Heat Watch Project and South Carolina Health Professionals for Climate Action.  

SCIPL Leadership Council Update

SCIPL wants to extend a grand 'thank you' to our new (and growing) leadership council. Pictured above (Queen Quet, Rev. Ron Robinson, LaRahna Hughes + SCIPL Team) are some of the dedicated, passionate, and hardworking individuals who have brought new life and energy into what we do at SCIPL. With the leadership of this team, SCIPL will be hosting more events, projects, and opportunities for us all to give back to our state and world. Please contact us at hello@scipl.org, if you'd like more information about the SCIPL Leadership Council.  

Faith, Climate, and Health Series: Flooding & Sea Level Rise

Join us this fall as we discuss sea level rise and flooding during hurricane season and important environmental justice issues in South Carolina. Register here for our August 24th at 6:30pm discussion about Sea Level Rise & Flooding. 

SCIPL Global Tree Project

"Rooted in the community.  Let's plant a tree!"  

SCIPL Goals for 2021-2022

Top goals for 2021-2022 are:
  • Complete the Congregational Energy Efficiency Challenge (CEEC) with three congregations
  • Have fifty individuals or congregations commit to intentional Earth Care actions
  • Raise $40,000 for SCIPL Programming (providing funding for a full-time coordinator)
  • Increase our reach by doubling our newsletter subscribers in 2021
  • Engage graduates of SCIPL's Civic Engagement Academy in climate and community actions
  • Develop and market a calendar of climate education, worship, advocacy and capacity building opportunities for SC congregations


GreenFaith Circle Training Intensive - July 2021

GreenFaith will hold a training series in July for people who are beginning to start GreenFaith circles in their communities, would like to affiliate their circle with GreenFaith, or are already GreenFaith circle leaders. The focus of this training will be teaching people organizing skills, and helping people connect with others across our global GreenFaith network who are also in the process of starting GreenFaith circles, or who already have some experience. We want to invite you to join us for this training series.
The training will be 3 parts and will happen over the course of 3 Thursdays in July. We require that you are able to attend all three sessions. All trainings will take place virtually on zoom and will require internet access, and ideally ability to be on video.
Start Date: Thursday, July 15, 8-10 am California/11am-1pm New York/6-8pm East African Time
Register here.
The Black Church - The Green Movement is a team of faith leaders working to bring to light the connection between the Earth and our health, our money, our safety, and our right to live in joy as the people of God. Faith Leaders who register here and attend the full workshop will receive a $100 stipend.
SCIPL will be a participating sponsor of the 2021 Green Team Summit this fall! This is an exciting opportunity for SCIPL to unite with faith communities nationwide taking practical steps towards earth care. Be sure to keep up with all the latest news about the summit by following our social media. Registration opens soon, so keep an eye on our posts!
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