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Hello Governor’s School Community,
During this tumultuous time, the Governor’s School Foundation stands in solidarity with the Black community and we renew our commitment to supporting our Black students, faculty, staff, and alumni. We know Black lives matter.  
Racism is incompatible with the Governor’s School Foundation’s mission to enhance the educational experience for all students at MLWGS. Much of our work is focused on providing equity for our students so that they can find success. Feedback from our alumni, particularly our Black alumni, has opened our eyes to the fact that we can and must do more. And we will.
In the months ahead, we plan to assess how the Foundation can work to improve 3 specific areas of possible improvement: 
  • Retention of our Black students – The Foundation supports students at MLWGS by providing enriched academic experiences through classroom enhancements and access to technology. As we move forward in these efforts we will strive to fund educational resources and programs that are designed to address the obstacles that exist for our Black students, while partnering with our alumni to create a plan of action to address the issues that have created difficult experiences for Black students matriculating through MLWGS.
  • Equity within our grant-making process – The Foundation has worked closely with the MLWGS Administrative team to develop a fair process for applying for Foundation funds. We pledge to continually evaluate the ways that we invest in and support our students to ensure that those enhancements advocate inclusivity and promote an understanding of cultural awareness. We will also continue working to improve communication so that all faculty are aware of opportunities to benefit their classrooms through Foundation support.
  • Helping our faculty better support Black students– The Foundation is integral in providing continuing education and professional development for MLWGS faculty and staff and will prioritize opportunities that help build more inclusive classrooms. 
The Foundation is also here to provide a road map for the ways that our community can advocate for change. We are a bridge between our alumni community and the school. In this important moment we know that learning about and being sensitive to the experiences of our Black students and alumni is critical in improving the culture at MLWGS. We have been working this week to strengthen our connection with alumni, and we will be looking for more alumni engagement in the coming months. Help us create a more positive experience for all Black students at MLWGS.  
In an effort to kick off this process, an independent group of Black alumni have created a survey to capture the experiences of Black students at the school. We invite all Black students, parents, and alumni to complete the survey, which can be accessed here. If you have questions about the survey, please reach out to Rasheeda Creighton, ’95, at rncreighton@gmail.com. You can also reach out to Suzannah Stora, Executive Director of the Governor's School Foundation, at sstora@MLWGSFoundation.org to get involved. 
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