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February, 2021
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March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month 
Join us in our efforts of advocacy
Since 1987, the United States has recognized the month of March as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. UCPAIndy uses the month of March as a way to ramp up our education and advocacy efforts in term of launching our yearly essay and scholarship contests. Continue reading below for more information on each:
ATTITUDE Essay Contest
Available for children grades 3-8, our essay contest encourages students to read a book or interview someone with a disability and write down their observations and feelings on the attitude toward people with disabilities. All participates recieve a certificate and chosen winners in each of our three grading divisions will recieve a savings bond prize courtesy of UCPAIndy. 
Book Coleman, Foster Dow, and Irma Dow Scholarships
Each year, scholarships are available through UCPAIndy to assist graduating high school seniors with cerebral palsy. Winner(s) will be chosen based on the following criteria: academic excellence, community participation/contribution, extra-curricular involvement, application statement, and recommendations. The award will be available to the winner(s) to further their education in a program of their choice. 
Disability Awareness Presentations
In previous years, we have traveled to schools, church groups, advocacy groups, etc. to do educational and awareness presentations on cerebral palsy. In the age of virtual learning and meetings, we would like to make our presentations available through a virtual setting as well. If you have a class or group that you would like for us to present to, please reach out to us by emailing info@ucpaindy.org or calling our office at (317) 871-4032.
Executive Director, Mike Foddrill, after presenting to a group of students at an elementary school in Southern Indiana. This class and their community held a fundraiser in honor of a student with CP and surprised UCPAIndy with a check of $2,000 on the day of our presentation (Nov. 2019).

Fidelity Charitable Donor-Advised Fund 
A special thank you to the Weas Family.
Late last December, a grant was presented to United Cerebral Palsy Association of Greater Indiana in the amount of $500. This grant, by Fidelity Charitable, was made at the recommendation of donor-advised fund "Weas Family BWAG". 
We are so thankful to the Weas family for recommending that we recieve this grant. With a steady increase in calls and emails requesting help, the continued financial gifts are vital in helping us achieve our mission of helping children and adults in Indiana live life with as little limitations as possible. 

Mission Moments 
Check out what UCPAIndy is doing in the community
Right after the first of the year, we were contacted by a Grandmother in Goshen. She is taking care of her 11-year old granddaughter, Sara, with cerebral palsy. Sara had been receiving occupational therapy through her school system. With her school planning on maintaining virtual learning through at least February, Sara’s Grandmother is worried about how she will get her therapy from home. We were able to connect her with the team at INSource (who's mission is to help assure effective educational programs and appropriate services for people in Indiana with disabilities). They were able to help her arrange a few tele-sessions of therapy this month. Her team will be meeting in next month to create a plan moving forward.

Shawn, a 17-year old young man from Jeffersonville, reached out to us last week for some information about transition services. Shawn is a senior in high school, and is researching his options after graduation. We gave him information about our scholarship program (available this Spring). We were also able to connect him with a few resources in Southern Indiana who traditionally put on transition fairs each year. Hopefully, in-person fairs will resume again this year. 

Community Resources 
Each month, UCPAIndy will highlight a great resource for people in Indiana
Article Image
About Special Kids (ASK) is Indiana’s Parent to Parent organization that works throughout the state to give support, answer questions and provide information and resources to families of children with special needs. ASK staff are extensively and continually trained as well as parents of children with special needs; therefore, we can help other families and professionals understand the various systems that families encounter related to special needs.  

ASK’s mission: About Special Kids values the power of parent-to-parent support and the vast potential of every child. We provide answers, resources, and connections vital to families raising children with special needs, preparing each family to meet their respective challenges and to achieve their goals while championing them to live their best lives.
For more information, visit their website here.

Get Involved In 2021 
Check out the many events that we have planned for this year
We are excited and hopeful that we will be able to host all of our normal events and contests this year. Here is a rundown of what to look for as the year goes on:
  • Disability Awareness Month (March)
  • ATTITUDE Essay Contest (April-May)
  • Book-Coleman Scholarship Contest (May)
  • Women's Golf Outing (July)
  • Pandacademy Awards (September-October)
  • World Cerebral Palsy Day (October)
  • More events may be added later on
Want learn more about our upcoming events? Want to volunteer at one or more of them? Please contact us for more information. 

UCPAIndy is here to help. 
United Cerebral Palsy Association of Greater Indiana assists those with Cerebral Palsy to gain access to adaptive technology, medical equipment and other items that will increase their independence, mobility, communication or comfort.

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