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Dear friends and supporters of Uplift,

As I write this, I’m looking at a sun-filled sky for what seems like the first time all month. I’m not sure I can remember another February that brought so much snow. While we can appreciate the beauty of the falling snow and the lovely landscape it brings, the days where we found ourselves “snowed in” added to the sense of isolation many of us were already feeling.
With February ending, we’re coming up on the one-year anniversary of stay-at-home orders that have kept us apart from family, friends, colleagues, and favorite places in our neighborhoods and beyond. We’re staying safe while keeping others safe, and that’s important. But it's not always easy.
The need for Uplift’s mental health supports continues to grow as Philadelphia reels from staggering rates of gun violence, poverty, suicide, drug- and COVID-related fatalities, as well as the fallout from job losses, violence, isolation, and racial injustice. And while the need for immediate grief support is significant, the long-term ramifications of these multiple health crises will be felt for years. Long after wide-spread vaccination is achieved, Philadelphia will still be experiencing the mental health consequences of the pandemic and co-occurring crises.
We need your help to ensure Uplift’s programs will be there for grieving children and families today and tomorrow. As the wait-lists for both family and school grief groups grow longer each day, your support will allow us to provide services to everyone reaching out. You are an integral part of making Uplift’s work happen, thank you!
Stay safe and well.

With sincere thanks,

Darcy Walker Krause
Executive Director
Recognizing Black History Month
During Black History Month this year, we began to emphasize and recognize the contributions and achievements of African Americans and the impact they have had, and continue to have, on shaping our world. During February, Uplift’s social media platforms have been highlighting the works of Black authors, artists, activists, and more.

With more than 80% of Uplift’s service population self-identifying as African American, we are cognizant of the role we play in 
co-creating safer and more supportive spaces for Black children and families to be vulnerable and share their experiences with grief and trauma. Uplift’s staff and Board continue to build the knowledge and skills necessary to break down oppressive structures within our practice that can hinder healing and growth.   
Welcome New Uplift Staff Members
Since Philadelphia schools shut down last March, many students have lost out on not only academic learning, but also socialization with peers, support from caring adults, and access to mental health services. The creation of the Philly HopeLine in May was designed to help students and families struggling with increased isolation and additional fears and anxiety brought about by the pandemic. The success of the Philly HopeLine has seen an influx of youth and families seeking Uplift’s services.

Thanks to funding from the Connelly Foundation and an anonymous funder, Uplift was able to bring on three new full-time clinicians for the remainder of 2020 to better serve the high number of individuals reaching out to Uplift for support. Samantha Anthony, MS; Tiffany Chalmus, MS; and Sam Middleton, MS all joined Uplift in 2019 as interns and we’re excited to welcome them to the team full-time. We’re grateful for the skills and expertise Samantha, Tiffany, and Sam bring to Uplift and we know Philadelphia’s grieving children and families will benefit from their dedicated efforts.
Support Uplift on Target Circle
There’s still time to support Uplift with your Target Circle points! Now through March 31, vote for Uplift through the Target Circle program to help determine how Target’s donation will be divvied up, and to send some of that donation straight to Uplift! Find out more about Target Circle here:
Calling Young Professionals Interested in Getting Involved with Uplift
Learn more about Uplift’s Young Professionals Board (YPB), a tremendous opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals to strengthen impacts for those across the Greater Philadelphia area!
The YPB’s mission is to support and strengthen Uplift by engaging the next generation of community minded advocates, expanding awareness, and establishing a stronger pipeline for future growth and support. Working with the YPB allows everyone to not only give back and provide hope for grieving children but creates opportunity for professional development as well. Opportunities include expanding your professional network, building community leadership skills, and working with fellow board members to strengthen the foundation upon which Uplift can look to the board for support.
Please email Sara at We look forward to connecting with you and the opportunity to collaborate in support of Uplift!
Save The Date for YPB Quizzo on March 24th
Make use of those random song lyrics and pop culture references taking up space in your brain when you join the Young Professionals Board for the latest in their series of Virtual Quizzo events on Wednesday, March 24th. March’s Quizzo categories are 80’s Love Ballads, 90’s TV Shows, and Early 2000’s Pop Culture. Play solo or get a team together, tickets are only $10, all of which goes to support Uplift’s grief support programming. See you there!
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Your gift to Uplift supports programming designed to help grieving children stay connected to deceased loved ones while also building strong ties to their family, friends, school, and community. Children in Philadelphia are experiencing loss and trauma at unprecedented rates. Please give today to ensure that Uplift can continue to be there for them.
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