Sarvey Wildlife Care Center
April 2017

Electrocuted Bald eagle is rescued
Spring Awakening
Spring has definitely arrived here in the Pacific Northwest. Our baby mammal room is filled with cottontails, opossums, squirrels, and our first baby raccoon arrived this week. Tiny baby birds are starting to fill our incubators and orphaned mallards are now finding their way to our duckling nursery to be bonded together with new sibling groups. We are answering lots of calls about young birds nesting on the ground, problem solving various critters having babies in attics, and trying to determine what needs help and what is just normal behavior.
Tickets are on sale now for fundraising event in June. It will be at the Tulalip Resort in Marysville – Saturday, June 17th – doors open at 5:30pm. We hope you can join us, and bring a friend or two! More details can be found below, and we would love to have your donations of items and/or services for our auction. Contact us at for questions or to arrange getting your contributions to us.
 First orphaned raccoon of 2017
Remember even if you have not found an animal in need of rescuing – your donations help us care for all the patients brought to us each year. It has been a busy season so far (one day 28 patients arrived in just 1 hour!) and it is not even May – our patient load is up 37% from the same time last year! Two other facilities in the surrounding areas have stopped taking animals this year, which means more patients for our center.
If everyone gives a little, it makes a BIG difference. Can you become a monthly donor? Even $10 a month can help – thousands of people get our electronic newsletter each month, yet only a few are regular contributors. If only 200 people reading this right now signed up as a new monthly donor – we could raise $2000 more a month to help feed and medically treat the patients arriving each day. Make a difference for the planet right here in your own backyard – the birds, eagles, squirrels, chipmunks, coyotes, and deer will thank you – and so will WE!
Remember you can always shop using Amazon Smile and buy things from our wish list to help keep our shelves stocked this baby season. We appreciate all the things that have arrived already.
1. The first of our orphaned ducklings.  2. Another orphaned Great horned owlet. Athena (our Great horned owl foster mama) now has 4 babies to raise this season. 3. A box full of orphaned Virginia opossums.

Electrocuted Eagle Survives

1. The photo at the top of the page shows a young Bald eagle just after it was electrocuted. It was then transported to us for care. 2.Our Clinic Manager, Jessica Paolello evaluating the eagle when it arrived.
The eagle was spotted landing in a tree, then it took off flying and hit a set of power lines. It fell to the ground and the witness raced to help, but he wasn’t exactly sure what to do. At the same time, some people were driving past the scene and stopped to help. Luckily, they were long time friends of Sarvey Wildlife and part of the Stillaguamish Tribe. They knew exactly what to do – and they got the injured eagle to us.
Our staff took her in and began to treat her injuries and it was touch and go for a few days. Fortunately, she did not sustain any fractures in the fall. She started to improve slowly, then began to eat on her own – and then ate everything we put in front of her! She grew stronger and stronger, and more and more spirited each day. She was such a fighter we worried she would hurt herself in an enclosure.
Once we knew she was healthy and there was no lasting damage from the electrocution – she was released. Since she was found not too far from our center, we were able to release her onsite. This also prevented us from having to worry about her breaking her tail feathers in a transport crate. She flew off and decided to land on the medical building for a while – she finally flew off into the trees and then away – free again. Can you spot her on the peak of the second roof?
(A huge thank you to the Yanity family and the Stillaguamish Tribe for their help and prayers for this eagle, and for sharing their photos – and for the many years of support and encouragement of all the work we do.)
Thank you all again for your continued support, following our FaceBook page and sharing our stories with your friends, bringing us animals in need of help, sending us items from our wishlist, and donating to help our efforts to Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Release area wildlife. We hope to see you at our upcoming Gala Fundraising event.
Go WILD! Dinner and Auction Gala Fundraiser
We hope you can join us,  Saturday, June 17th
for a special event at the Tulalip Resort in Marysville. The money raised will help us renovate our large eagle aviary used to rehabilitate eagles and other large birds of prey, as well as to finish renovations to our medical building. 
This special evening will feature some of our educational raptors, an auction, music, a special video presentation, and of course a delicious dinner.
We are accepting donations of items for our auction. Please contact us if you are able to donate items for this event. We are also seeking sponsors, so if you have a local business and would like to adverstise in our event program - we can arrange that as well.
Email us at:  info@sarveywildlife. org  and we will send you more details about sponsorship opportunities.
doors open at 5:30
event begins at 6:00
Tulalip Resort Casino
Marysville WA
Winged Creatures 2
Coloring Book
Thank you to Sue Coccia, a local artist for creating this special coloring book to benefit Sarvey Wildlife Care Center. You can find her books and artwork at a variety of stores in the area, and they are also available online  at Earth Art International. We are so happy to be partnered with her on this book. Pick up a copy today for yourself or someone special.
You can see her complete collection on her website and order a copy (or two!) of Winged Creatures 2 today.

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