Sarvey Wildlife Care Center
June 2017

Mountain Beaver recovering from being hit by a car
Thank You for Going WILD!
Our recent fundraiser at the Tulalip Resort Casino was an amazing evening. Thank you to everyone who attended or supported the event in other ways. The purpose of the gala was to help raise funds for our new eagle aviary. We need to build a new rehabilitation aviary for eagles, hawks, osprey, and other large birds. You can watch this short video clip to get a sense of the current enclosure and our plan. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has awarded us a grant ($33,520) to cover part of the costs. We estimate the project will cost $65,000 and we raised over $13,000 in one WILD night to help reach that goal. We are more than half way there thanks to your support and donations.
Thank you to the businesses and individuals who made contributions to our silent auction, or helped by sponsoring to allow a volunteer to attend the event. Please see a list of names below and consider supporting these businesses and thanking them for their support of our efforts. Thank you to our Education team members, Alistair, Joe, and Kestrel SkyHawk for sharing our resident raptors with the gala attendees. Thank you to the staff at the Tulalip Resort for the amazing food, and help with keeping the evening running smoothly.
If you missed this event, we hope to see you next year. We will be setting a date soon for our 2nd Annual Go Wild Gala. Please also check out this special short documentary made especially for the event by filmmaker Elizabeth Lo. She spent some time here recently filming our efforts to save the patients in our care. We also shared this short film with our guests, showing our own photos and video clips and now you can see it too.
Gala 2017 - Orca Ballrooms
Birds, Birds, and more Birds....
1. This little orphaned American Crow had a special friend for a while. He is now bigger and with other crows outside learning to forage, fly, and will be released soon.
2. An Anna's Hummingbird getting some TLC in our Baby Bird Nursery.
3. A Black-capped chickadee and a Red-breasted sapsucker - both now released.
Thank you to our staff and interns for caring for these patients. Baby birds are fed for 12 hrs a day.
Depending on their size, they can require feedings every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or hour.
1. This Bald eagle was rescued from a field in Stanwood. It survived electric shock, recovered, and was released. He was part of a pair that was living in the area and returned to his mate.
You can see a video of his release here.
2. These Canada geese are ready for release, but because of the upcoming 4th of July festivities - we have had to delay their return to the wild. Thank you Alison Morrow and King 5 news for sharing this story about wildlife and the 4th of July.
3. One of our interns (Victoria) holds an Osprey that was found in a pond. It had puncture wounds to the chest, but is healing well and should be releasable.
  Rescued Coyote Gets Surgery
 1. This Coyote was found laying in a park in Mt. Vernon. It was unclear what was wrong until we rescued her and got her to our center for x-rays. We were able to confirm she had been shot.
2. Bone fragments removed from her leg. The injury was severe and the leg was surgically pinned.
3. Here she is waking up from anesthesia. We are now waiting to see how the leg heals.
  A quick photo of two of the six fawns in our care, just before they ran away....
we want them to be wild, so it is great they are suspicous of us.
 Our Clinic Manager, Jessie Paolello and rehabilitator Miki Forsberg vaccinate a baby raccoon.
He was one of two raccoons found dumped by the side of a road, in a small pet carrier.
No food, no water, no bedding. Just left for dead on the side of the road.
They are lucky someone stopped to see why the carrier was left there.
Thank You
To the following individuals and businesses for their help making our Gala a success!
Sunnyside Nursery
Eye Doctors of Marysville
Clipper Vacations
Wyland Worldwide, LLC
Goebel Hill Farm
Wyatt's Diamond Jewelers
Everett Silvertips
Clay Oven Cuisine of India, Woodinville
Seattle Mariners
Brown Bear Car Wash
Chihuly Studio
Nile Shrine Golf Course
Market Vineyards
Sam's Dog and Cats Naturally, Monroe
Snoqualmie Falls Golf Course
Ixtapa Family Mexican Restaurant, Monroe
Trader Joe's
Holland America Line
5th Ave Theatre, Seattle
Nic's Land Renovation, LLC
Tulalip Resort Casino
Tulalip Tribes Charitable Grants
Wild Roes - LuLaRoe Fashions
Melissa Bell, HTAP, RM
Sue Coccia, Artist - Earth Art Int'l
Elizabeth Borges, Keller Williams Realty
That's Sew Yarn Cute
Travelin Light
Roy St. Coffee and Tea
 Cathy Miller
Ann Prezyna
Terri Strauss, Medium
Meg Lunnum
Major Cohen
Aylesworth Art
Marvin Dawson
Le Creuset outlet store, Marysville
Education Events

You can see our non-releasable raptors and our Education team at these upcoming events:
JULY 15 ~ 11:00
Children's Art Festival
Mt Vernon Parks and Recreation
AUGUST 12 and 13
at the

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