Sarvey Wildlife Care Center
March 2017

Athena, our resident Great horned owl with her foster "baby"
Springing into Baby Season
As we enter the month of April, we are beginning to see the signs of spring and soon summer baby season will be in full swing. This year could be busier than past years, as two other local wildlife rehabilitation facilities in our area have closed. The rehabbers operating these centers have retired. We expect to see more patients from areas around Snohomish and Skagit counties. There are not very many licensed rehabilitation centers in the Puget Sound, and all of the centers in this region take in hundreds to thousands of patients. So, when one closes – an impact on the remaining wildlife hospitals is inevitable.
Our center treated 2,000 patients last year – and we will be here everyday to care for all the animals brought to us. Thank goodness for our volunteers and a new group of interns soon to arrive! We do have a couple of openings for volunteer shifts, mainly during the week in the morning. If you are able to commit to a 4 hour shift once a week, we could use your help this spring and summer. Email us at to obtain a volunteer questionnaire and apply.
Our first babies arrived on 3/9/17 - Three Eastern gray squirrels (see photos below) that were displaced and orphaned during some tree work. They are getting bigger and were followed by other babies - a Great horned owlet (seen above with Athena), some cottontail rabbits, and more squirrels.... there always seem to be more squirrels. It won't be long before orphaned raccoons, LOTS of baby birds, opossums, more owlets, fawns, and flocks of ducklings arrive. We are stocked up on species specific formulas, rodents, fish, and various feeds. Remember you can always shop using Amazon Smile and buy things from our wish list to help keep our shelves stocked this baby season. We appreciate all the things that have arrived already.
1. The first "babies" of 2017 - three Eastern gray squirrels. 2. Here they are a few weeks later getting bigger - the third one is under the other two. They are getting much more active and are now in a larger enclosure.

Patient Updates

1. We highlighted this Young Bald eagle as a Patient of the Week on our blog page  recently. Sadly, we lost her despite our best efforts. No one was sure what was wrong when she was found and brought to us. It was just apparent that she was not flying and not acting quite right. 2. By the second day, it was obvious that she had eaten something she shouldn't have - as she regurgitated a used condom. Everyone was quite surprised to discover it in her cage. We continued to flush her system and then she regurgitated a ton of plastic packing tape. See above. A necropsy will be completed to determine if we can learn anything more about the toxic effects of all the garbage in her system.
1. Another photo of the "baby" Great horned owlet. He was found upside down in a bush, no nest nearby, and no idea how he got there. But, he is safe with his foster mom now! 2. We wish Katie, our fall/winter intern all the best. She will be leaving us soon to pursue other opportunities. She has been with us since October. Katie has worked hundreds of hours, and has helped rescue and release many patients and we will miss her! 3. We recently did some "bat sitting" for one of our board members and fellow rehabber. Barb Ogaard - the "Bat Lady" needed someone to take care of her patients while she was out of town. You cannot take a bunch of bats to just anyone... so, we took good care of her bats while she was away. You can even watch a video of feeding time on our FB page. The smaller one was shy and only wanted to eat if she was hiding under the bigger bat. 
Thank you all again for your continued support, following our FaceBook page and sharing our stories with your friends, bringing us animals in need of help, sending us items from our wishlist, and donating to help our efforts to Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Release area wildlife. We are ready for 2017 and look forward to another successful year making a difference one animal at a time! We hope to see you at our upcoming Gala Fundraising event. Be sure to check out the Save the Date information below.
Go WILD! Dinner and Auction Gala Fundraiser
We hope you can join us,  Saturday, June 17th
for a special event at the Tulalip Resort in Marysville. The money raised will help us renovate our large eagle aviary used to rehabilitate eagles and other large birds of prey, as well as to finish renovations to our medical building. 
This special evening will feature some of our educational raptors, an auction, music, a special video presentation, and of course a delicious dinner. Watch for a special invitation coming soon, including details on ticket sales.
We are accepting donations of items for our auction. Please contact us if you are able to donate items for this event. We are also seeking sponsors, so if you have a local business and would like to adverstise in our event program - we can arrange that as well.
Email us at:  info@sarveywildlife. org  and we will send you more details about sponsorship opportunities.
doors open at 5:30
event begins at 6:00
Tulalip Resort Casino
Marysville WA
Ticket available soon!
Winged Creatures 2
Coloring Book
Thank you to Sue Coccia, a local artist for creating this special coloring book to benefit Sarvey Wildlife Care Center. You can find her books and artwork at a variety of stores in the area, and they are also available online  at Earth Art International. We are so happy to be partnered with her on this book. Pick up a copy today for yourself or someone special.
You can see her complete collection on her website and order a copy (or two!) of Winged Creatures 2 today.

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