An update on progress and growth at CFC schools
~ February 2018 ~
CFC proudly welcomes former students as staff members
This year, as CFC celebrates fifteen years of caring and education, we are most proud of the accomplishments of our students and staff. We are incredibly honored to introduce several former students who have chosen to join the CFC staff and to give their time and talents to better the schools they once attended.
Peik Chun (Career Preparation Assistant)...
Peik Chun attended Spien Chreav Amelio School (2007-2010), Aranh Cuthbert Junior High School (2010-2013), and Aranh Sakor High School (2013-2016). A familiar face for many CFC volunteers and a prominent Student Council member during his student tenure, Chun began working for CFC part-time as an eighth-grader. He eventually graduated to Pen Pal Coordinator and most recently, Career Preparation Assistant. 
"CFC has changed me a lot. It has given me the opportunity to finish high school free of charge, and to continue my studies at university and English institution. I've learned leadership skills, computer skills, communication skills and team work. I wanted to work for CFC out of gratitude, and to help Cambodian children get a better education, a better dream and to sharpen their future jobs"
Som San (ICT Support Assistant)...Som San studied at Spien Chreav Amelio School (1997-2003) and has worked for CFC since 2011, most recently as ICT Support Assistant.
"CFC has changed me, and given me confidence. I wanted to work with CFC to share my knowledge from university, and to help younger Cambodian students to gain quality knowledge, and to know that education is important."
Srey Leak (Gender Equity Educator)...
Srey Leak studied at Bakong High School (2014-2017), and has recently started working for CFC as a Gender Equity Educator at Bakong Motwani Junior High School.
"CFC has made me a stronger person and has taught me a lot about gender equity. I wanted to work with CFC because I want to keep learning about education, and I want to continue to share my knowledge about gender equity with the community."
Suy Sophea (Food for Thought and Projects Coordinator)...
A well-known, welcoming face to almost every CFC volunteer and one of the 'original' CFC students, Suy Sophea was a student at Spien Chreav Amelio School. He has been working with CFC for eleven years, currently as the Food for Thought & Projects Coordinator.
"CFC has absolutely changed my life. Before CFC, I was a troubled student, and my family and villagers worried about me very much. Since working with CFC, my life is much better. CFC has educated me to be a good person. I'm proud to work with CFC because CFC is the one organization doing the right thing for educating people."
Mut Sivoun (ICT Teacher)...
Mut Sivoun studied at Aranh Primary (2007-2010), Aranh Cuthbert Junior High School (2010-2013), and Aranh Sakor High School (2013-2016). Her current position is as ICT teacher at Aranh Sakor.
"CFC has helped me get knowledge and has changed me to become a person that has the skills and ability to work. I want to work for CFC because I would like to use my knowledge to help other Cambodian children ."
We are so proud of each of you,
and so honored that you've chosen to join the CFC team!
Dynamite team conducts vital medical screenings
The Health Education Team returned to Siem Reap in January to collaborate with CFC's in-country staff on another round of important vision and growth (BMI) screenings. Committee Chair Barbara Levy was joined by volunteers from CFC's valued partner, International Medical Clinic (Singapore), and CFC staff, including newly hired staff member, Dr. Or Malineth.
Student eyesights were tested, and height and weight measurements were recorded and compared with previous data, an important process that helps monitor student nutrition levels. It was a busy few days as an impressive 1,096 students were screened! Of these, twenty-four students were referred for vision care follow-ups and sixty were referred for BMI follow-ups.
The team pioneered the use of a new web-based database (CHC Health Data App - CFCHDA) developed by Lehigh University students that improved efficiency. The Cambodian staff was also trained on using the app which has great potential for enhancing data collection and analysis. Amazing teamwork!
Barbara and her team also met with preschool and kindergarten staff to better understand the needs for educating CFC's younger family communities on early childhood development and health needs. CFC's holistic approach works with both students and community members to provide improved health education and access to care.
Thank you to our amazing Health Team!
New School Health Program Manager!
We are pleased to introduce our new School Health Program Manager, Dr. Or Malineth! The daughter of farmers, Malineth was inspired to pursue a career in medicine by her uncle, a pharmacist. As a trained doctor, Malineth brings a wealth of medical knowledge as well as prior experience working with an educational NGO. CFC is fortunate to have her join our team. Welcome Malineth!
"Writing through Cambodia" explores the theme of power
Last December marked the fifth time that Writing Through Cambodia (WTC) has held workshops for CFC students enrolled in the Gender Equity program. Sessions were held at Bakong and Aranh Sakor High Schools. Ten students from each school participated in the five-day workshops, learning how to write poetry and short stories based on the theme of "power". Using pictures and music, the students brainstormed many ideas and feelings about 'power', and then translated those ideas into literary works. Students explored creativity, confidence and self-esteem in addition to working on their English skills.
The week culminated with a celebration attended by family members and teachers during which students shared their personal works to the delight and emotional response of everyone.
Says facilitator Patricia Bierley, "We have the privilege of listening, exploring, understanding and learning what these students think, and teaching them a new way to express and share their thoughts and ideas with the world. In return, we receive the most amazing gifts. We see a people grow in mind and spirit. We see a people become more powerful! And if we follow their example and open our hearts and minds, if we are humble enough to learn from our students—we can be transformed."
Thank you Writing through Cambodia for another great experience!
Volunteers reflect on visits to CFC schools
The Hanna Family and the Spitznagle Family (Singapore)..."Simply put: The Amelio School is a special place. We hope the bright and cheerful new wall that surrounds the school is reflective of how beautiful it is inside. Our children enjoyed helping to paint, but most of all making some new friends and sharing the morning with the students. To see the benefits of CFC first hand was quite memorable."
The Knight Family (Auckland, New Zealand)...
"It was great seeing lives of Cambodian children. We were impressed that students receive free food thanks to Food for Thought, as it's so important for children to have a full tummy to be able to learn and focus."
International trainers lead dynamic workshops
Teacher training is how educational change in Cambodia will take root and endure. CFC is fortunate to have the expertise and commitment from teams of international teacher trainers who travel to our schools several times a year to deliver specially designed workshops in collaboration with CFC Mentor Teachers. Over the years, the number of participants from outside CFC's school network has grown, expanding the breadth and impact of our training program and helping to shape education for all Cambodians.
February 2018 - Tanglin Trust School
Led by veterans Katie Sansom and Kaye Bach, and team leaders Caroline Rushworth and Mhairi Elliott, a group of teacher trainers from Tanglin Trust School in Singapore recently completed their annual February training workshops. The sessions focused on child development for preschool, and mathematics for kindergarten thru sixth grade. School administration and staff received leadership training through observation and feedback. As an added bonus, one of the members of the team was a horticulturist and took time to work with students at the Aranh Cuthbert garden.
Kaye Bach spent most of her time working at several CFC preschools, and she was pleased to witness both strong attendance and well-kept facilities.
"There was real evidence of mothers - and even grandmothers - coming to learn. It was a true joy to also hear the peels of laughter from everyone as they played games. It is heartening to note that the mothers do not come for the incentives of rice, a hygiene pack or children's' clothing anymore; they come because they want to learn!"
Many returning trainers commented on the preparedness of the Cambodian participants, noting that they were able to 'hit the ground running' without having to review concepts taught previously. The Cambodian teachers were ready to move forward in their learning and were actively engaged asking questions. The organization and team spirit that permeated both the preparation and the delivery of the training sessions was truly incredible.
Thank you to everyone involved for another successful training!
November 2017: Singapore American School and Taipei American School
In November 2017, trainers from Singapore American School and Taipei American School efficiently delivered a two-day workshop to 166 participants, including 40 teachers from non-CFC schools and programs. Training focused on preschool, kindergarten and primary school grade levels, and included special workshops on library instruction and PE. At the preschool and kindergarten levels, the focus was early childhood development with activities related to key skills, such as physical, cognitive, social, moral, and communicative. Primary school activities focused on reading and writing skills, science (grades 3/4), communication skills (grade 5) and math skills (grade 6).
This year's workshops were once again led by veterans Sarah Farris and Jenny Redlin, and culminated with a community presentation at Kong Much Primary School where donated hygiene packs were distributed to attendees. Prior to the trip, SAS teacher Jenny Redlin had coordinated many hands to collect and package more than 800 hygiene packs (at right). Quite a task and well received by our Cambodian community!
Thank you all for your amazing energy and contributions!
February is Children's Dental Health Month
As part of our comprehensive Health Education program, CFC students learn proper dental hygiene from a young age, and receive dental screenings twice a year. CFC also provides every student with a new toothbrush three times a year. With 6,600 students, that's a lot of toothbrushes and toothpaste!

In honor of Children's Dental Health month this February, please consider donating towards our dental hygiene efforts. A donation of $10 purchases one family dental kit (4 toothbrushes and 2 tubes of toothpaste). Your gift will have twice the impact - helping CFC students stay healthy and helping the local economy.  Thank you for your contribution!

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