Pocosin Arts School of Fine Craft
 2019 Workshop Registration is Open!

Feb. 21-24        Tom Bartel                    Head & Surface Sculpture               
March 22-23     Seo Eo                          Good Pour                                       
April 5-6          Gabrielle Graber             Critters in Clay                                   
May 3-4           Andrew Dutcher             Improving Your Throwing Skills         
June 21-25       Blair Clemo                   Crafting Content & Layering Techniques
July 12-16        John Donovan               Figurative Myth(ology)
July 26-30        Eleanor Anderson          Sketching Your Way Through Clay
August 9-13      Nancy Gardner             Handbuilding & Surface Design
August 23-27    Jason Burnett               Graphic Pots-Screened Printed Surfaces
Sept. 6-10         Mark Arnold                Working with Press Molds
October 4-5       Anne Partna                Hollow Form/ Full Surface

    Feb. 21-24          Kathleen Browne                  Collage with Decals & Enamel         
    March 22-23        Melissa Manley                    Band Rings                                   
    April 5-6              Tayla Kantro                       Cloisonne Jewelry                         
    May 3-4              Sarah Tector                       Rustic Casting         
    July 12-16           Greg Wilbur                        Moving Metal
    July 26-30           Dan Dicaprio                       Wood Jewelry
    August 9-13        Jeanie Pratt                         Woven Metal
    August 23-27      Ashley Gilreath                     First Time MetalSmithing
    Sept.6-10            Anna Johnson                     Saw Solder Set
    October 4-5         Ken Bova                            Drip, Dry, Draw & Fire

    March 22-23      Robin York                          Beginning Batik
    May 3-4            Sharron Parker                    Feltmaking
    October 4-5       Beth Burns                         Botanical Prints

Mixed Media
    January 22-25      Bob Ebendorf                        Working in the Box with Bob
    June 21-25           Margaret Cogswell                 Paper Mache Comes Alive
    October 6-11        Jane Filer                              Giant Street Puppet

Fab Lab
    April 4-6              Jonathan Seethaler               Design&Prototype Through Boardgames
    July 12-16           Andrew Kuebeck                   Intro to Laser Cutting Objects
    August 23-27       Susan Fecho                         Mixed Media Inspired by Nature
    June 27-July 3      Authur Hash & Elliot Clapp     Wearable Electronics & Soft Circuits
    Sept. 6-10           Brent Skidmore                     New Tricks with an Old Dog

    June 10-14           Amy Gardner Dean                              Narrative Self Portraits
    Sept. 6-10            Susan Webster & Stuart Kestenbaum     Words & Images

    July 26-30         Beth Ireland                       Dulcimer Guitar Weekend
    August 9-13      Michael Cullen                     Making Boxes

    March 22-23       Eve Turek                       Mindful Nature Photography

A deposit of $100 will secure your place in the workshop of your choice with the balance due the first day of class. 
If you would like a 2019 Workshop Catalogue mailed to you, click on the link above.

Pocosin Arts has many excellent events planned to celebrate all year long!

Treat yourself or somone else to a Pocosin Arts Workshop.  Gift Certificates are available. Please call 252-796-2787.

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