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Autumn 2014
Emilia Fox joins Unseen as Patron 
Unseen is thrilled to announce that actress Emilia Fox is joining Unseen as its first Patron. The star of Silent Witness says, “When I heard the stories of the many survivors that Unseen works with,
I wanted to help in whatever way I could. These people have suffered horrifically, but with the right support, there is hope. Unseen’s work is hugely important and they have my wholehearted support.”
We are really excited about this collaboration, and look forward to working with her in the coming months.

Unseen is selected for Radio 4 Appeal
We are delighted that Unseen has been chosen for a BBC Radio 4
charity appeal. 
Tune in to hear the appeal presented by Emilia Fox on behalf of Unseen on:
- Sunday 19th October at 7.55am and 9.26pm
- Thursday 23rd October at 3.27pm
The appeal coincides with Anti-Slavery Day on 18th October and features Grace, an Unseen survivor whose tragic story is one of deception and cruelty - but also of survival.
Emilia says: “After hearing Grace's story I wanted to be involved. She is a woman who has suffered horrifically at the hands of her traffickers. Unseen’s work is a vital lifeline to these survivors.”
We encourage all our supporters to listen in. For more information about the appeal and to hear why Emilia is supporting it, visit our website

New figures show 22% increase in slavery
This week the National Crime Agency released its assessment figures for the nature and scale of modern slavery in the UK in 2013, which show an increase of 22% on 2012. The report estimates that there were 2,744 victims, including 602 children.
However, as Unseen’s CEO Andrew Wallis points out, we need improved reporting: “These figures are already nine months out of date. In 30% of all cases the location of exploitation was recorded as unknown, which goes to highlight that the UK still remains ‘data blind’.”
Of particular concern is the explosion in the number of children identified as trafficked, especially UK nationals - UK is now the top country of origin for child victims. There is an acceptance that the true figure is far higher now that we are beginning to understand the true scale of situations like Rotherham, Rochdale, Telford and Oxford.

Showcase event to tackle slavery in South West 
Unseen was instrumental in setting up an Anti-Trafficking Partnership with Avon & Somerset Police and Bristol City Council back in 2012. Due to the Partnership’s success, a new Coordinator and Liaison Officer has now been appointed to further its work. A showcase event is being held today to bring together 70 key individuals and organisations to strategically tackle human trafficking across the South West.
 ASP logo
It will also launch its new name: Anti-Slavery Partnership, and a new website: www.aspartnership.org.uk featuring a training package on basic awareness of trafficking issues, available to download.
The ASP has been invited to be part of a National Network Co-ordinators’ Forum (NNCF), and our members have been advising different areas of the UK on establishing their own partnerships to combat trafficking. In August, 10 NGOs gathered at Unseen to discuss trafficking and ways to work together in future. 
For more information on the ASP, please contact coordinator@atpartnership.org.uk

Edging closer to opening our Children's Project
Unseen is tantalisingly close to opening our Children’s Project, having secured the majority of our start-up funding needed to get up and running. Thank you to everyone who has supported us on this journey so far.
All processes and protocols are in place for the Children’s Project, so we are just waiting for a few final pieces of the jigsaw to fall into place. We now aim to open in early 2015, but we will keep you posted. 
To donate to this crucial project, please click here.

Items needed for our safe-house
Now that our women’s project is more than three years old, it’s in need of a spruce-up. We’ve generously been donated paint, and some energetic volunteers have agreed to put in the hard graft, so all we need now are some rollers, trays and paintbrushes. Please contact us if you have items to donate: admin@unseenuk.org.
We’re also looking for kitchen equipment, particularly pans and items that we can give to women as they start out on their own after leaving the safe-house. Thank you to everyone who has generously donated clothing and baby items recently. Your kindness is greatly appreciated by staff and survivors alike.
£940 raised by shoppers!
We now have 25 shoppers whose online purchases donate to Unseen every time they spend. With Christmas coming up, why not join our merry band of buyers - it doesn’t cost you a penny!: www.giveasyoulive.com
Run, walk, raise money
Good luck to Zoe Grimes who is running 100 miles in the Himalayas in just 5 days for Unseen this month, and to Silvia Eichbuechler who’s trekking across the Sahara – a great effort by two very motivated supporters.
Gymnasts aiming high
A big thank you to Big G Little G Tumbling and Gymnastics and Tracks2000 who have chosen this season to raise money for Unseen by selling t-shirts. £230 so far and rising!
Storage space needed
We desperately need storage space for furniture, clothes and move-on packages for our projects in the Bristol area. If you can help, or can put us in touch with someone who can, please email: admin@unseenuk.org
Need inspiration?
Check out our Get Inspired web page. It’s packed with fundraising antics that people done in the name of Unseen, plus a few words about what inspired them. We’d love to help you if you have an idea, so do get in touch.
Got something to tell us?
If there's something you'd like to shout about, know more about or see more of, get in touch, we'd love to hear from you: admin@unseenuk.org

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