Lowitja O'Donoghue Oration -
powerful messages for our nation

Thank you to those of you who joined us on Tuesday for the Lowitja O'Donoghue Oration, delivered by Pat Anderson AO.

More than 400 people attendees heard Ms Anderson, an Alyawarre woman and inimitable human rights advocate, talk on Continuing the Story: Resolving the Issues that Won't Go Away.

Ms Anderson reminded us that “the challenge is the same, and the story is the same” with respect to the enduring call for true representation of First Nations people and making this, through a voice to Parliament enshrined in the Constitution, a permanent part of the life of our nation. Demonstrating this, Ms Anderson took us back to Dr O'Donoghue's seminal National Press Club address in 1997, in which Dr O'Donoghue reflected on the progress since the 1967 Referendum and made a call for representation, echoing the campaign of William Cooper in the 1930s.

Informed by her roles as Co-Chair of the Referendum Council, the regional dialogues, and the First Nations National Constitutional Convention at Uluru - which resulted in the Uluru Statement from the Heart - Ms Anderson offered her unique perspective and powerful insights into the issues that haven't gone away, and the roadmap for resolving them: representation, treaty, and truth-telling.  In concluding her Oration, Ms Anderson called upon Australians to take steps towards positive change by looking at what could be, and by recognising the accumulated knowledge of First Nations people in caring for community and country.

Ms Anderson was the 14th annual Orator at what has become an important event on the Reconciliation Week calendar.

You can purchase a copy of the Lowitja O'Donoghue Orations 2007-2019 book
, featuring the speeches of each year's Orator, at:

For those who were not able to attend the Oration in person, a video recording of the night’s proceedings will be available in the coming weeks, so please keep an eye out on our website and social media!

We express our warm gratitude to our major partners for this event:

History Festival Event - Don Dunstan's Photos

On 13 May, we were delighted to convene an event as part of the 2021 South Australia History Festival, titled Don Dunstan’s Photos – Help Us Fill in the Blanks!

This interactive day showcased a range of photos from the life of Don Dunstan, who kindly donated his personal collection to the Flinders University Library. The 25 photos on display captured a range of Don's participation in public life - including attendance at cultural festivals,  political events and rallies, and, not surprisingly, many lively social events!

As part of a broader project by the Foundation to enrich the Dunstan Collection at Flinders University, attendees were encouraged to  help us identify the people, places and events depicted in the photos, which we can then use to improve the descriptions relating to each photo.

Attendees were also able to view a selection of larger, iconic prints from the Dunstan era, as well as over 100 further photos from the Collection through a rolling visual display.

Thank you to everyone who came and offered up information to help us fill in the blanks. Your information has been very useful!

For those who are interested, many of the photos in the Dunstan Collection are accessible online (link here).  If you know more detail than what is in the description of any of the photos, please send us an email! 

Events From Our Friends

Progressive Futures Oration, featuring Jay Weatherill

When: Monday 7 June, 6:30pm

Allan Scott Auditorium, University of SA, City West campus

Price: $10 - 25

The Jay Weatherill Progressive Futures Oration is an exciting new activity proudly presented by the Progressive Labour Education Association.

The inaugural Oration is being held next Monday and promises to be a thought-provoking, immersive and future-focussed evening of big ideas, connections and purpose.

Progressive Futures asks us to think about a contemporary issue or challenge in our society, imagine it's impact on South Australia in ten years' time, and explore how the progressive movement might work collectively to achieve a more just, inclusive and progressive future for the people of the State.

Orator Jay Weatherill, former Premier of South Australia and current CEO of Minderoo Foundation's Thrive by Five initiative, will share his thoughts and ideas for action around making Australia's early learning system high quality and universally accessible. The Oration will feature a Q&A discussion for the audience to participate in and will be MCed by Victoria Purman, acclaimed author and former journalist and political advisor.

Tickets can be purchased at: https://events.humanitix.com/2021-jay-weatherill-oration

The Progressive Labour Education Association exists to provide an education, training and work experience programme for people interested in the labour movement, unionism, social justice and left politics and is proud to be facilitating 16 new and emerging progressive leaders in the 2021 programme. Find out more at https://progressive-labour.org/
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