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17 October 2021
It is so good to have Revive open for a five day week again, and slowly that lovely, friendly buzz is returning.  Although we are only running the oxygen service on a Monday and a Friday, hopefully we will also have this service up and running full-time very soon.

It has been a really bizarre year and half, and I feel as though 2020 was completely lost.  We have reached a stage that we now have to accept that COVID-19 is going to be hanging around for the time being and that we have to live and thrive alongside it.  Good infection control measures will remain in place at Revive, which for the time being means that masks must be worn, and staff will clean all equipment between treatments; and we will continue to respect 1m distancing within the café.  I would ask that you are patient with us if (when) our service provision may be affected if staffing is impacted by COVID-19.

Across the coming weeks we will be restarting our Pilates and some additional services, including Podiatry…keep an eye on the web-site and our news updates for details.  We also have a new member of staff starting on the 15th November – Julie Wilkie, MS Specialist Nurse…we will tell you more about her soon.  Julie will be a full-time employee, leading on the development of our National MS Connect Project.

We are now entering into the autumn.  A time of year which a lot of people find difficult, as the days grow shorter, the wind picks up, and the sky can be a bit grey.  However autumn is a time of spectacular colour as the leaves change and fall.  It is a time that nature lets go and prepares to rest and regenerate over the winter period; a time that the earth is nourished, ready to start again in the spring.

Today I am going to leave you with a poem…maybe I will start doing this more often.  When I was young I hated poetry, it must be an old-age thing that I have now started to find so many that I love.
New Every Morning

Every day is a fresh beginning,
Listen my soul to the glad refrain.
And, spite of old sorrows
And older sinning,
Troubles forecasted
And possible pain,
Take heart with the day and begin again.

Susan Coolidge
Have you ever fancied trying Tai Chi? Isabel, our Lead Physio, will be taking  a new class on a Friday afternoon from 1-2pm. The class is very adaptable, and can be done sitting or standing.  So, no matter what range of movement you have, Isabel can adapt it for you.

The Tai Chi that we'll be doing focuses on 18 simple movements, and the benefits include improving balance and focussing on mindfulness.  The first noticeable benefit is usually a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.  Becoming aware of which parts of  your body are tense, and how to relax them.  This results in a calmer mind and body.

If this sounds like something you'd like to try, then phone Elle on Reception at 0141 945 3344 to book a slot.  We're open Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 4.30pm. The class will start from Friday 22 October.
Katie, our Sports & Remedial Therapist, is expecting a new addition to the family next year! Exciting times ahead for her and Fabio! We wish them all the best! ❤
You may be aware that there is a major Climate Change Conference heading to the SEC from 31 October – 12 November. Due to the high profile nature of this United Nations event, bringing together global leaders, we will experience a number of restrictions and disruptions across the city.  Check out the link below to make sure you are aware of what's going on and how it may affect you. 

The map shows the roads that will be closed around Finnieston from 23 October to 15 November.  Even though all the roads around the Revive Centre will be open, if you're coming from the North of the River, you'll see that the Squinty Bridge (Clyde Arc) and the Clydeside Expressway are both closed.  The purple lines are alternative routes, but are likely to experience heavier traffic.  Please leave more time in your journey when coming in for appointments.
It's that time of year again to think about putting away the excesses of the summer and think about getting a little healthier before all the Christmas season gets underway! Get in touch for more details by using the contact button below or check out our website at Go Sober-ish for October.
October Walking Challenge! 

This is a great opportunity to focus on self-care and getting active. It's totally up to you how you approach this challenge, so do it any way you like. You can set your target miles, amount of money that you want to raise and how you want to do it.  Is it a wee bit every day?  Or one big challenge day? I am personally aiming to do 100 miles over the month using my treadmill (as it's a bit dusty) and hopefully, weather permitting, doing some outdoor walking! Use the contact button below to get in touch or check out our web page at October Walking Challenge.  Cara 
Do you have a star baker in your family or at your workplace? 

Could you do something fun with a baking challenge while Bake Off is on the tv? Or perhaps sell your own amazing creations to your mates or work colleagues? 

Each year that we were partnered with MAST Architects, they would have a highly competitive Showstopper Challenge inspired by the Bake-off contestants and the cakes were outstanding! 

If you would like to do something to show off those baking skills but not sure what, contact me using the enquiry button below, or call on 0141 945 3344 and ask for Cara.

Whether you are a man, woman or even a teddy bear....Movember 2021, the moustache challenge, is coming soon!  Watch this space!
This week's spotlight shines on Catriona Ferris, who by her own admission, decided to cut her hair to raise funds for Revive as 'these legs don't run marathons!' Due to pandemic restrictions it was a little difficult to organise a date for the important haircut day, but she has persevered!  I think you'll join me in saying her new 'do' is lovely! Cat's fundraising has been phenomenal, and she's almost at the £2000 mark, which is outstanding!  We are incredibly grateful for the support! Well done and thank you so much!

See Cationa's story below:

'It's been almost 3 years since I braved my first ever hair donation. Back then I'd quietly hoped to be able to do it one more time, before too many greys excluded me from the rules,  so the one silver lining of not actually being able to leave the house for a haircut in 16 long months (and counting...) means my hair has almost grown enough to be in a position to take a deep breath & do it again!! The Little Princess Trust specifically struggles to get hair donations of 16" or more, so that's the aim - eeeek!!

In addition to donating the hair itself, I would love to use this opportunity to raise some funds for Revive MS, and would be enormously grateful for any donations to help me support this important charity.'

If you would like to help Catriona get over the £2,000 mark, then please go to Catriona's Justgiving page
That's all for this week folks, if you know of anyone that would like to keep up-to-date with the work of Revive, please share this newsletter and encourage them to join our mailing list. Chat to you again soon!
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