Winter Newsletter
January, 2017
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As a new year begins, we would like to thank you for giving hope to youth on the streets of Winnipeg. Marginalized youth experiencing homelessness face daily challenges to their safety. But, because of supporters like you, we continue to make strides to end youth homelessness.
Together in 2016 we moved over 120 youth out of homelessness and into safe and stable housing.
We could not have done it without you. 
coldest night
Coldest Night of the Year 2017
February 25th, 2017
The Coldest Night of the Year is a fantastically fun and family-friendly walk-a-thon that raises awareness about youth homelessness in our city, while funding programs for youth at RaY.
Walk 2km, 5km, or 10km to feel a hint of the challenge faced by those experiencing homelessness.
There are many ways to get involved!
Questions? Contact Monica at 
What RaY Means to Youth
Excerpt from “Voices of Resilience” a magazine by youth at RaY 
Article Image
Part of RaY's mandate is to give youth a voice. In the fall, motivated and creative youth self-published a magazine with original artwork and writing describing their struggles on the streets and their hopes for the future. Here is what one youth had to say about finding RaY:
"RaY. Like a ray of sunshine? Or maybe, a ray of hope, anchored me and my homeless state and awful situation. My car was a metal freezer. No gas to fuel my nights. No destination in day.
My life in a year at RaY they have helped, tenfold. The days became longer. You’ll never know how long a day is until sober. Until you shake those demons off your back.
At RaY I was able to eat, to drink, to engage in conversation, array of subjects, and topics. I have a spot in Community Volunteering. I worked here. I obtained a certification here. I made resumes here, I gained health here, and now am diagnosed and getting proper help. I’m not just an addict now. I came to RaY."
Get Involved: Grow Opportunities for Youth!
We are now partnering with local businesses to provide youth with meaningful work experience
Article ImageThe Growing Opportunities Pre-Employment Program provides services that break down barriers to employment and training. With help from staff, youth self-identify personal and career goals, and the steps needed to reach them. 
We are looking for socially-minded businesses to join the project. Benefits include:
- A paid youth worker for one month (20 hrs/week)
- Wrap-around supports for the youth
- Recognition of the partnership on our website and social media
- Knowing that your organization in changing the lives of youth
Interested in partnering with us? Learn More
Contact Sarah, G.O. Manager at or 204.783.5617 ext. 208
Here & Now: The Winnipeg Plan to End Youth Homelessness
Every night, over 300 youth experience homelessness in Winnipeg.
In 2016, RaY collaborated with dozens of youth-serving organizations, hundreds of youth, and government stakeholders to develop an action plan to reduce and end youth homelessness in our city. Grounded in the principles of reconciliation, the document points to the future.
We are committed to long-term solutions.
The Home Depot Canada Foundation
In 2016, Winnipeg Home Depot stores raised over $27,000 for youth at RaY.
Home Depot Canada Foundation Logo
They didn't stop there. In September, 40 Home Depot Canada Associates worked with 10 youth to remodel our outdoor drop-in area in only 8 hours! Big thanks to Barkman Concrete for their donated picnic tables.
We are very excited to continue our partnership with The Home Depot Canada Foundation in 2017 to provide youth with pathways out of homelessness.
Together, we can give our youth the opportunity to realize a brighter future.

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