“Sow, sow God’s word! Make good on the talents entrusted to you!...Be enterprising in your use of them.” St. Catherine of Siena
Dear Friend,
During the month of July we will hear many parables of Jesus at daily and Sunday Mass. These stories connect the spiritual with everyday life and are often connected to nature.
Summer is an opportunity to reconnect with God’s creation as we tend our gardens, observe a family of deer passing by, or watch the sun set over a lake or ocean. These experiences are saturated with God’s presence and offer many spiritual lessons.
The seeds of God’s word are on the paths we walk each day.
Stop, notice, give thanks, and then share with others the story of God’s presence in your life.
May the warm breezes of summer remind you of God’s loving and healing presence in all of creation.
Enjoy these summer months—rest, play, pray, and reconnect with family and friends!
Summer blessings,
Sr. Theresa Rickard, O.P., D.Min.
President & Executive Director  
“¡Siembra, siembra la palabra de Dios! ¡Haz producir los talentos que Dios te ha confiado!...Se emprendedor en el uso de ellos.” Santa Catalina de Siena
Estimado/a Amigo/a,
En el mes de julio hemos estado escuchando muchas parábolas de Jesús durante la misa diaria y en la del domingo. Estas historias conectan lo espiritual con la vida cotidiana y frecuentemente tienen relación con la naturaleza.
El verano es una oportunidad para volver a conectarte con la creación de Dios mientras cuidamos el jardín, observamos una familia de venados, o miramos una puesta del sol sobre un lago o sobre el mar. Estas experiencias están llenas de la presencia de Dios y ofrecen muchas enseñanzas espirituales.
Las semillas de la palabra de Dios están en las sendas que caminamos todos los días. Détente, observa, da gracias, y luego comparte con otros la historia de la presencia de Dios en tu vida.
Que las brisas cálidas del verano te recuerden de la presencia amorosa y sanadora de Dios en toda su creación.
¡Disfruta estos meses de verano—descansa, juega, reza, y vuelve a comunicarte con amigos y familiares!
Bendiciones de verano,
Hermana Theresa Rickard, O.P., D.Min.
Presidente y Directora Ejecutiva

Gala 2011 a Success! 
You Make the Difference
RENEW International's Annual Gala was a great success this year! Because of generous donors, RENEW exceeded its fundraising goal for the Gala and raised over $204,000 to benefit economically struggling parishes and provide them resources to strengthen faith and encounter God in everyday life.
 Sr. Terry Rickard, O.P. celebrates with Gala 2011 Honorees; left to right: Ronald Bushwell, Sr. Terry, William McGuire, and Sr. Mary McGuinness, O.P.
To view other photos and to read more information about the event, visit www.renewintl.org/gala.

Ending Gang Violence One Youth at a Time 
Dr. Irma Chavez working with Youth in El Salvador
The June issue of Catholic Digest features the story of a young man in El Salvador, who through his participation in the RENEW process, was able to escape the gang lifestyle and turn his life around. "Pedro" is one just one of hundreds whose lives have been touched by RENEW El Salvador.

The hot sun beat down on his back as Pedro, 24, rode his bike, hitting the streets in his hometown in El Salvador looking for a job. He smiled to himself as he turned down a side street. Despite everything—dropping out of school at 13, his time in the gang, jail —he had finished high school and gone on to study nursing. Now all he needed was a full-time job. Read the entire inspirational story of "Pedro and the 18th Street Gang."
You can support the work of RENEW in El Salvador with at-risk youth by clicking here.
 Dr. Irma Chavez (back, right) encourages youth in El Salvador to learn skills for their futures.

Launching in Canada 
Canada Welcomes ARISE Together in Christ
RENEW is proud and excited to work with the Diocese of London, Ontario to form faith-sharing groups using ARISE Together in Christ! Father James M. Higgins shares his thoughts on what this means for these parishes in Canada. Watch the interview!

Renewing Family Faith 
Self Renewal 
As summer begins, take some time for yourself to recharge your battery, reorganize your life, and renew relationships. The trick to staying centered lies in taking advantage of many small, day-to-day activities.
Get to know yourself: Spend a few minutes alone each day meditating and reflecting.
Spread your roots: Find out what resources your community offers. Join a club unrelated to your job. Try a new hobby or class with your spouse or friend.
Commune with nature's serenity: Take time to appreciate a beautiful sunset.
Learn: Learning opens new vistas and points of view.The more you know the easier it is to understand and connect with other people and realize your goals.
Laugh: Laughter sloughs off stress and forges instant bonds between people.
Talk to God: Tell Jesus of your fears and longings, your anxieties and your gratitude.
Talk to other people: People naturally need other people. Talking to others gives us new ideas, new tools to solve problems, and emotional support.
Be realistic about time: Make sure that you're including time each day for you.
Make haste slowly: Prioritize your tasks and you will feel you have some control over what you do. 

 Honor a Veteran! Having recently celebrated Independence Day, we invite you to make a donation in honor of a veteran to continue the work of RENEW International with our military. Watch inspirational interviews with some of our service men and women, and see how RENEW has impacted their lives as they serve.
Thank you and God bless!
In This Issue
Lifting Up Our Hearts 
Implementation of the Third Edition of the Roman Missal is fast approaching—are you prepared? Read more about Lifting Up Our Hearts.
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RENEW Goes Mobile 
Become our fan on Facebook to read updates about RENEW and other Catholic news. "Like" our RENEW page and Theology on Tap page!
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RENEW International at World Youth Day 2011 
RENEW International's Theology on Tap is participating in World Youth Day on August 17, 2011 in Madrid, Spain. If you or anyone you know is attending, make sure to stop by for an engaging evening! See the flyer for more information.  
Share Your Story! 
Do you have an interesting story about how RENEW has touched your life? Are you in a long-standing Why Catholic? group and have seen transformation within your group? Did you recently join an ARISE group and are already reaping the benefits of faith-sharing? 
Share your story of inspiration with others and it may be included in the next eNewsletter!
Table Talk: 
Family Discussion
Summer is a great opportunity to spend time with your family, friends, and God. Reflect on how the following impacts your life:
1) How do you experience your family as a family of love?
2) What other communities of love have you experienced?
3) Do you have separate images for God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit?
Pondering the Word 
"This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you."John 15:12
Remember the many ways you have been loved. Remember how you are called to love your neighbor.
Planned Giving 
Consider making RENEW International part of your long-term estate plans through the gift of a bequest to RENEW. For more information please email development@renewintl.org.
Giving USA Report 
Did you know that almost 75% of all donations to non-profits come from individuals? Your gifts are extremely important to RENEW. See the breakdown of donations in these charts from the 2011 Giving USA Report.
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