Stopping PIPA Starts at Home

Dear PK Supporter,
With Congress in recess, this is the perfect opportunity to voice your opposition to the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) the bill that threatens to censor the web and weaken Internet security. Telling your Senator face to face why you oppose PIPA is the most effective way to stop it. 
This is a critical time for action. With a vote coming as soon as January 24th, your Senators need to hear from you now.
Here's what you can do:
1. Find a town hall meeting by joining our Meetup Group: Real People Against PIPA + SOPA!  Public Knowledge will use this resource to keep you informed about town hall updates. If you find out about a town hall that is not on our Meetup page, please write pk@publicknowledge.org.
2. Go to a town hall meeting held by your Senator. Bring copies of our fact sheet.

3. If your Senator is not hosting a town hall or you are unable to attend, visit their district office
Thank You!

The Public Knowledge Team

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