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Extending a safety lifeline to more than 
2 million battered victims and their children since 1976
April 2014
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A Life Saved 
I am a survivor of domestic violence. When I came to the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County (DVCCC) I thought I had finally hit rock bottom, being a single mother of two children and eight months pregnant with my third child.  I left my home with nothing more than I could carry.  I did not realize then that this was not the end, but only the beginning. 
DVCCC welcomed my children and me with open arms.  They provided a safe place for us. Without the worry of being abused, I was able to focus on having a healthy baby. I have since gone back to school, graduated with a 3.9
GPA, and passed the state exam. I am now a certified nursing assistant.  My children were able to complete school without being transferred in the middle of the school year. They are now getting the education they need to succeed in life.
The program has allowed me to put my life and decisions into perspective. I now realize how the choices I make affect not only my life, but also the lives of my children, family and friends. This experience has been not only a learning experience, but a humbling one as well. I am thankful for everyone who has made this possible. DVCCC has given me a second chance not only to have life, but to actually live. 
-Anonymous Suvivor 
Served by Domestic Violence Center of Chester County
In Pennsylvania, budget season is upon us. The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence will partner with the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape on April 29th for a Legislative Advocacy Day in Harrisburg to urge members of the General Assembly to support Gov. Corbett’s proposed $2.2 million funding increase for domestic violence and rape crisis services. The increase specifically includes an additional $1.4 million for domestic violence programs.
For too many years our programs have struggled mightily to maintain adequate services for victims of domestic violence and their children in a time of dwindling resources and increased demands. On this Legislative Advocacy Day advocates from 60 local domestic violence programs will highlight their continued work in creating safer communities by providing training across a broad range of systems from health care to child protection to law enforcement. Not only do these advocates provide direct services, shelter and counseling to victims, but they help others understand the complex needs and challenges victims face, while holding abusers accountable.
As always, please consider making a tax-deductible donation by visiting our Web site at . Make a powerful statement in support of the advocates, victims and survivors who live and work in every community across Pennsylvania. 
Peg J. Dierkers, PhD
Executive Director 
Urgent Need Revealed for Domestic Violence Services, Lifesaving Work Documented  
 NNEDV Census Infographic
The National Network to End Domestic Violence’s annual Census Day report, released recently, found that, in a single 24-hour period, more than 66,000 victims of domestic violence received help and support from service organizations in the United States. Yet nearly 10,000 more victims who needed assistance could not be helped due to lack of adequate resources. 
In Pennsylvania, 2,424 victims received services in that 24-hour period, but 364 victims could not be helped because local programs lacked the capacity due to a shortage of funds. Of Pennsylvania’s 364 unmet requests, 60 percent (218) were for housing. The most frequently requested non-residential service that couldn’t be provided was housing advocacy, followed by legal representation, and financial assistance. This report illustrates the critical work being done by programs across the commonwealth and the great need for increased funding for these lifesaving services. Click here to read the full press release.
Giving Circle: An Innovative Way to Give   
PCADV has developed an innovative opportunity to raise funds for primary prevention efforts under the statewide NO MORE campaign. The philanthropic model is 
called a Giving Circle and is currently exclusive to Western Pennsylvania, but PCADV intends to eventually 
make the opportunity available to all commonwealth communities. Members of the Giving Circle collaborate, create new solutions to prevent domestic violence in Allegheny County, and enjoy a personal connection with the four programs that the Circle funds.
Join A Giving Circle
PCADV is launching its Western Pennsylvania Giving Circle with an invitation-only kickoff event on Wednesday, April 2, at the Rivers Club in Pittsburgh. Individuals and organizations interested in joining the Giving Circle should contact Eliz Nestorov at or 717-545-6400 x 129.  Click here to learn more about membership levels and benefits.
2013 Domestic Violence Fatality Report  
Each year, the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence releases a report on domestic violence fatalities in Pennsylvania. In 2013, there were 158 deaths statewide attributed to domestic violence - a 10 percent increase over 2012’s 143 domestic violence-related fatalities. This year’s fatalities included 107 victims and 51 perpetrators. Guns were responsible for 109 of last year’s fatalities, or 69 percent. Sixty-three victims were killed with guns and 46 perpetrators were killed with guns. The report reveals the highest cost of domestic violence – the loss of human life to families and communities. Each number is a personal tragedy.
PCADV has seeded homicide prevention efforts called the Lethality Assessment Program (LAP) in seventy-five Pennsylvania police departments in 19 counties across the state. The LAP is based on national research into the circumstances preceding domestic violence homicides. The program utilizes a two-pronged intervention process featuring a lethality screening tool and accompanying protocols that enable law enforcement and other first responders to assess domestic violence victims, identify those at highest risk of being killed and immediately initiate contact with a domestic violence service provider to connect victims with the services proven to reduce their high risk of homicide. 
Legislative Update 
Senate Bill 681, which offers victims of sexual assault court-ordered protection from their perpetrator, was signed into law by Gov. Corbett on March 21, 2014. The bill was sponsored by Sen. Stewart Greenleaf (R-Montgomery) and was drafted with the support of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape. SB 681 allows a victim of sexual assault to acquire a “Sexual Violence Protection Order” that offers relief similar to that available from a Protection from Abuse order. It also creates an opportunity for minors who are victims of harassment and stalking to seek protection under an “Intimidation Order.” In addition to the District of Columbia, 26 states have passed laws providing protection orders for sexual assault victims. 
April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month  
The 2014 Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) campaign focuses on healthy sexuality and young people. You can get involved by participating in the SAAM social media campaign; learn more here. PCADV is working with the School Nurses Association and the Alliance of Family Health Providers as part of a nationwide initiative to promote healthy relationship counseling with youth in six school pilot sites across Pennsylvania.
The National Sexual Violence Resource Center is partnering with the Media Education Foundation to offer a 25-percent discount on a special selection of videos that empower individuals to think critically about the cultural factors that contribute to sexual violence. This offer is good through April 30, 2014. Click here to shop for films with special pricing.SAAM Graphic

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