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October 2013
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Four Lives Saved

No More
Domestic Violence Awareness Month
A Call To Men
Pennsylvania Homelessness Survey
Four Lives Saved 
Three pairs of big brown eyes stared at me as Mom sat quietly in the counseling room during the intake process.  The oldest girl had her arms around her two younger sisters trying to comfort them, but her eyes could not contain her own tears.

Nancy and her daughters have been on a long journey - a journey that began before the oldest daughter was born.

Nancy met a man who she thought she would be with forever.  He said he loved her, and he showed it to her in many ways.  

When the abuse began he was always 'sorry' later.  After a few years he was no longer 'sorry' and told her she deserved it.

After years of daily beatings, he crossed the line.  He decided in order to earn a living that he would prostitute their oldest daughter.

Nancy packed the children and quietly left the house late that night while he slept.  She walked the streets all night with these three precious girls and then called the local domestic violence organization.

That phone call changed their lives.The girls, who never knew how to trust, slowly began to develop a relationship with the Children's Advocate.  

The children learned how to play, how to enjoy being children.  

Before arriving at the shelter, they had never held crayons in their hands before.  Now they were drawing, coloring, singing, playing and smiling!

Nancy is healing too.  She is beginning a new chapter of her life.  The family continues to receive counseling and live in transitional housing through the domestic violence agency.

Nancy and her children are survivors from Berks County and were assisted by Berks Women In Crisis.


PCADV Executive Director Peg Dierkers launched the PA Says No More campaign with Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape CEO Delilah Rumburg at a press conference in Harrisburg on September 4.

Before an audience of news media, advocates and survivors, Dierkers said the innovative campaign, based on a national model, will raise public awareness and help prevent domestic violence and sexual assault in our communities.

The campaign includes a website (, a Facebook page (, and radio and movie theater ads.

The press conference also introduced the "No More" symbol - a teal-colored zero that denotes zero tolerance for domestic violence and sexual assault.  Join us in saying 'No More!"

PCADV Coalition Members
Set Dozens of Events to Mark
Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Jeannine Lisitski, Executive Director of Women Against Abuse in Philadelphia, speaks at a Domestic Violence Awareness Month kick-off event, iPledge campaign in Love Park.

Candlelight vigils, purple ribbon displays and An Empty Place at the Table displays are among the dozens of public events that PCADV coalition members are holding in October to mark national Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  A complete, county-by-county list of events is available on the Coalition's website.

The origins of Domestic Violence Awareness Month can be traced back to October 1981, when the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence launched an annual campaign designed to connect battered-women's advocates who were working to end violence against women and children.  The first Domestic Violence Awareness Month was held in 1987, the same year that a national toll-free hotline was launched.

A Call to Men

Ted Bunch, of A Call to Men, visited York's YWCA program on September 24, to challenge men to take a more active role in reducing domestic violence in their communities.

A Call to Men is a New York-based nonprofit agency that teaches men and boys to develop loving and respectful attitudes toward women.  Bunch met with Dee Baker, PCADV's Fund Development Director.

Pennsylvania Homelessness Survey

A team at Bloomsburg University has been funded by the Center for Rural PA to conduct a study to shed light on homelessness in PA.  Homelessness is very difficult to combat, partly because it is so hard to get accurate information on the problem.  

Please consider participating in the survey regardless of your amount of involvement with the issue of homelessness.  The survey should take 5 to 10 minutes to complete, and the team will use the information to produce reports on patterns of homelessness throughout the state.  By participating, you can help increase our understanding of and ability to combat this problem.  Just click here to access the survey.

Please feel free to contact Heather S. Feldhaus, PH.D, Director, Bloomsburg University Center for Community Research and Consulting, 570-389-4221,, if you have any questions.

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