Maine Wilderness Watershed Trust
President's Update
July 2016
Get Involved in the 2017 Auction! 
Let’s make 2017 the most interesting and exciting MWWT Annual Auction ever!   We need you to donate resources, and solicit terrific donations from friends, organizations, and businesses. Do you have a vacation share or cottage you’d be willing to offer access to? Do you have a skill or trade whose services you can offer?

This event can become an attraction to an entirely new pool of potential members. Donate, promote, and most of all ATTEND!!!! Bring your family members, your friends, and anyone remotely interested in protecting the Maine wilderness!  As we get closer to the event we'll be sending out information that will help you promote our activities and bring in new people.

NOTE—event-planning talent and energy needed!  MWWT’s annual banquet and auction is a substantial undertaking that requires organization, logistics, solicitation, and follow-up! Is there anyone within the membership (or outside) who has event-planning experience or other related background? We need your help! Please contact Kyle McCaskill at to find out more.
Capital Campaign Planning Study to Begin 
MWWT’s original mission was simple and clear: To protect the unspoiled beauty and natural resources of the watershed and ensure that future generations will have the opportunity to enjoy this special place.
Yet achieving this mission is not simple. Recent ownership changes have contributed to the uncertainty of the Pierce Pond watershed’s future. As a result, MWWT’s Board of Directors has been laying the groundwork for a major capital campaign, with the aim of acquiring all remaining parcels of Pierce Pond watershed lands that are currently under other ownership.
Rising to this new challenge will require all of the talents and resources within MWWT’s board and membership. It will also require professional expertise, and we are pleased to announce that we have retained Demont Associates of Portland, Maine to conduct the essential campaign preparation and a capital campaign planning study. The planning effort will be getting underway within a few months—details will be shared as we move forward.
Trails-Development News 
We have been awarded TWO trails-development grants, which together will cover all costs for developing a long-range trails plan as well as an inaugural trails project for next year. A trails committee has been formed, and trails consultant Michael Cooper of Caribou Recreation Development, LLC will spend time in the watershed this month doing initial reconnaissance.
Other News 
Watershed exploration and activities
We hope to initiate new ways to enjoy the watershed. For example, short workshops or day trips to explore archaeological sites, Native American influence in the watershed, mushroom gathering, general flora and fauna investigations, etc.  Let us know what you'd like to see on the menu of activities.
Don’t forget to get in on MWWT’s 300 raffle, where the odds of winning $10,000 are 1 in 300!!! To purchase tickets, e-mail, or call MWWT Administrative Manager Kyle McCaskill at (207) 437-7049.
MWWT’s new Facebook page already has 162 followers. Please visit, post, and comment at
We are planning the next MWWT newsletter. As always, the quality of the  newsletter is a direct function of membership contributions. Please submit information and ideas of interest to Kyle at
Watershed News
The latest word from the Andy at the Pond is that it's typical July fishing. Not much surface activity but trollers going deep are catching good fish. Many new entries on "the board"!
Enjoy your summer!

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