Monthly Insider Newsletter
November 2014
To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift.
~Steve Prefontaine
Empowering Youth Through Bicycles
Goings On... 
Thanks so much to our youth riders for stepping up to make the GABA Bike Swap Meet and Cyclovia Tucson both great successes for El Grupo! We also packed a lot of riding, travel, and outreach into the month of October, and rest is coming and well deserved. 
Save the Date: Sunday, December 7th - 2:30pm - 6pm - El Grupo family game day & potluck dinner & team meeting. This will be a fun day of ultimate frisbee, bocce ball, kick ball and like for the whole family - followed by a great sit down meal and meeting at the Scurry/O'Neill backyard. Please plan on attending! 
Fall Fondo is this month - November 16th! We are counting on all youth to help out in one way or another, and we will discuss in more detail soon. Thank you for signing up with Lindsay to help make this first time event one that we will all look forward to each year! 
Team Kits for 2015 - you should be all receiving an email soon with your log in code and applicable credits. Orders are DUE by November 17th!! As in year's past, this coming year's jersey and short design will be the best one yet (no, really!)! 
El Grupito! 
We had so much fun on our last mountain bike trip adventure...let's do it again!!
Sunday, November 23rd - MTB trip! - Save the date! More details to come via email soon
Events Upcoming... 
The last of the High School mountain bike races! 
  • Nov. 9 – White Tank Regional Park  – Waddell (Phoenix) - This is the state championship race!
The week following - November 10th - 15th will be OFF - as in no practices. Rest your body. Rest your mind. Catch up on school! 
Just for fun, though...Movie night! Thursday, November 13th - 4:30pm - 6pm (during regular practice time) 
Fall Fondo Fundraiser - November 16th! 
El Tour de Tucson - November 22nd
Those riding this year include: Matthew, Walker, Sean, Quinn, Izzie, Susie, Leila, Genea, Zayk, and Avery. The rest of us will be doing a different ride that morning and then cheering them all on at the finish. Per tradition - we will all feast back at our house/backyard afterwards! 
As usual, more details will be posted on the blog in the coming days/weeks about all of these... Thanks!
Tuition Reminder  
Please be on the lookout for a mailed letter this week with more details about some changes to tuition coming in 2015. 
Please consider setting up a recurring payment prior to the 15th of each month, or making your payment by that time. 
We know you value all that El Grupo offers and you know what a value it is. Thanks for doing your part! 
Mechanic Hours -Fridays 2pm -6pm 
Thanks to Coach Colin and all those who came to his recent workshop - expect more soon starting at 4pm this Friday! 
If you have a specific mechanic skill set you would like to learn, please talk with Colin, Shawn and/or Ignacio about it. 
Also, Fridays are a great day after school to get your bike(s) cleaned up and ready for the weekend. 

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