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February 2015
"Control the controllables ~ your attitude, your preparation, how much and how well you practice, what you eat, how much you sleep ~ and through them find your focus and motivation.
~Coach Ignacio
Empowering Youth Through Bicycles
Goings On... 
Important CHANGE in summer plans! We are going to move the team camp from Durango to Flagstaff. We are also going to move the dates from mid-June to the end of July. Mark your calendars - Road season with El Grupo ends after June 20th (except for those going to Road Nationals June 24-28). 
Summer break - meaning no mandatory El Grupo practices - will be from roughly June 22 - July 17th. This would be a fantastic time to plan your family vacation, or just simply enjoy sleeping in, hanging out with friends and family, and doing other things as you hang up your bike for a couple weeks. 
We will resume with prepping for our 3rd Summer Bike Camp (a paid work opp for many of you!) on July 18th. Camp is from July 20-24. Then, we will all head up to Flagstaff for an all new and exciting team camp...including an overnight all dirt bike tour to the Grand Canyon and back!! Dates for that will roughly be July 26th - August 2nd. More details on this in the coming months...
To help FUND some of these exciting events this summer, we are asking that each rider on the team commit to selling Tucson Conquistadores Raffle Tickets. Tickets cost $10 each and El Grupo receives $8 of those dollars back. The tickets are for a chance to win a 2015 Chevrolet Camaro or Colorado (valued at over $20,000 each!). We are asking that each rider sell a minimum of 3 tickets each. You can always sell more! We will have prizes and perks for those who sell their tickets first and who sells the most. More info here and at a practice meeting this week. 
Parent help will be needed for Tucson Bicycle Classic as volunteers for the event - March 13-15. Please mark your calendars and look for signups later this month. Thanks! 
Events Upcoming... 
Saturday, Feb. 7th ~ Kidical Mass 
Kidical Mass returns and partners with the schools and organizations in South Tucson who coordinate their annual community Healthy Habits fair.
What: A free, all-ages bicycle ride to get outdoors, get active, and get to know our city on two wheels.
Where:  Tucson Greyhound Park, 2601 S. 3rd Ave.
When: 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm 
El Grupo will ride south after Saturday morning rides and breakfast to be there around 11:45am.
Friday, Feb 13 - Sunday, Feb 15 This will be a big weekend for all of El Grupo as we represent at two major goal events the same weekend. We will be split in two groups, but sharing something in common - all proudly riding for El Grupo and Carrying a Bead! (see side bar article)
We have 10 youth riders on two 5-person co-ed teams representing El Grupo, with a lot of support from teammates, coaches and family members! If you have questions about anything related to the event, please contact Julia ( or Daniela 
Valley of the Sun Stage Race - ALL over Phoenix!
We have over 15 youth riders representing El Grupo throughout the junior and category ranks at the first big-time road race on the junior national calendar! We will be leaving on Friday morning (missing school most likely!) for the TT and staying in the Phoenix Intl Hostal like last year through Sunday. 
Tolero Crit (Optional) Sat, Feb 21
Most likely this will be a great crit of B & C team riders to ride up to course, race, and ride home! 
Ride AZ Trail (Optional) Sat/Sun Feb 22
Damion and others have planned out a mountain bike ride and camping trip to experience the Arizona Trail (near Colosssal Cave) for this weekend, or at the least riding on Sunday morning. 
Southern AZ Omnium - TT & RR - Feb 28 & March 1st The Time Trial on Saturday (near Picacho) and Road Race on Sunday (near Colossal Cave) will be a great opportunity for everyone to get out and race here locally.
As usual, more details will be posted on the blog in the coming days/weeks about all of these... Thanks!
El Grupito! 
First weekend mountain bike outing for Spring session ~ Sunday, February 8th!!
Meet at the clubhouse between 12:45 and 1. We will leave in the van by 1:15 and will be returning around 4:30pm. Parents are welcome to join us or you can drop your rider off ready to ride. I encourage riders to eat a good lunch, and have sunblock applied before this ride. If you have a camelback pac bring it too. 
If you have questions about the outing, please contact Morgan -
Carry a Bead! 
El Grupo will enCOURAGE children coping with serious illness
The mission of Beads of Courage is to provide Arts-in-Medicine programs for children coping with serious illness, their families and the clinicians who care for them. 
El Grupo youth will have the opportunity to make goal events that much more special by carrying beads for 24 HOP / VOS, TBC, and other events this spring. 
Thanks to a generous sponsor, we will have El Grupo branded statements that pass along encouragement both to the rider and the child or family member for their challenges in life...including the esteemed words of Yoda! More on this next week...
Mechanic Hours -Fridays 2pm-5pm
More great workshops will be coming soon...
If you have a specific mechanic skill set you would like to learn, please talk with Colin, Shawn and/or Ignacio about it. 
Also, Fridays are a great day after school to get your bike(s) cleaned up and ready for the weekend. 

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