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July 2014
 "No pain, no gain"
- Nick Harris after the past three weeks of intense training to be ready to race at Tour de l'Abitibi
(His legs hurt!)
Empowering Youth Through Bicycles
Goings On... 
Not sure if anyone even noticed that there was not a June edition of our El Grupo Insider newsletter...I know I barely noticed! A quick recap of the month:
  • Two weeks of EG Summer Bike Camp with over 70 our very own clubhouse!
  • 6 riders attend Selection Camp and rock it! The campaign and training to get them to Canada begins
  • 4 riders attend Talent ID Camp and impress all with their riding, skills, and attitude
  • 5th year trip to Durango for a week of unforgettable mountain biking and so much more with an awesome group of youth and adults!
  • Week-long build-a-bike workshop with riders turns out some super cool commuter bikes!
  • New rider tryout and new volunteer orientation to bring lots of great new energy into the group
With as many "ups" there have been some "downs", and so goes this wonderful roller coaster of growth, learning and living. As we continually embark on new frontiers as El Grupo, we will be sending some heartfelt "farewells" as some of our own embark on their own new journeys. 
Events Upcoming... 
Farewell Fruit Party for Coach David Glick
Congrats to David for finishing his PhD in Philosophy and landing a University position in Rochester, NY at the same time! Bring some fruit and come celebrate an awesome year that we have had with Coach David before he moves to New York NEXT WEEK! We will have breakfast foods and lots of fruit. The more (fruit and people!), the merrrier David is! All are welcome. 

Self-Massage and Self-Care by Caryn Fraser
Tuesday, July 15th -  6pm
This is specifically for the boys going to L'Abitibi, but others are welcome. Caryn will show riders/parents/staff some easy massage to do on them at the race, demo on the first kid, and then just work on the rest for 20 min each. Gord may be back by then, maybe he can do a little q & a about the race...but yet to be determined!
Summer Bike Camp! July 21-25 @ clubhouse
This will be the last of three SOLD OUT bike camps we run this up and be ready to rock another one! We have gotten amazing praise from youth and parents about our camps and camp counselors (youth and adults!) already - Let't knock this last one out of the park!
End of Summer & Senior to Alumni Celebration!
Sunday, August 10th @ the Helmke's house
More details to come about the pool party and potluck to celebrate both Christian and Logan as they transition from youth riders to almuni, and to celebrate everyone's accomplishments thus far this year. El Grupo party time!
As usual, more details will be posted on the blog in the coming days/weeks about all of these... Thanks!
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Tuition Reminder & Update... 
NEW! You can now set up "weekly" payments to make paying for your child's participation in El Grupo that much more manageable. 
You can make payments through our Donate button on the website and set up recurring payments. That is the easiest way to not forget each month - and it is secure. Please try to make your monthly contribution by the 15th of the month. Thank you!
If ever you have trouble paying one month, please communicate with Daniela about it. 
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