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February 2014
"Darlin' do not fear what you don't really know."

-Brett Dennen
Empowering Youth Through Bicycles
Goings On... 
Whew! That was quick. On to February! 
Thanks for a great Team Presentation & Supporter Appreciation event - and for all the help with the new clubhouse. Parents, volunteers, youth - it really does take us all working together to make so many wonderful things happen. Thank you, thank you!
Of course...more help is needed! Please, please sign up to help out for the 24 Hours in Old Pueblo (link below). If you cannot be at the event, there are other ways to help out - please contact Daniela to find out. 
Some "Save the Dates" to serve as reminders for upcoming volunteer needs in particular:
  • Tumacacori Road Race - March 2nd
  • Tucson Bicycle Classic - March 14-16th - Sign up to volunteer here
  • El Grupo's Bicycle Scavenger Hunt - April 12th
  • Luna Lake Bike Tour - May 23-26th 
It has been amazing to be a part of the growth happening on so many levels within El Grupo of late - from the very individual elements of growth to the more community-wide recognition of growth...we are all always learning in life. Thanks for being a part of a great community of people coming together to make fun experiences possible with El Grupo!

And don't worry - I am getting the re-order of team kit & accessories ready to go ASAP so we can fly those good looking colors! 
Events Upcoming... 
The big team event of the year is only a week away! We NEED your help to make this all happen. Thanks to the parents who have been working on this already behind the scenes to organize it. NOW IS YOUR TIME TO SIGN UP TO HELP OUT! HERE on 
Sunday, February 9th - set up camp in "town" - More info will be posted on the blog 
Friday, Feb 15 - Sunday, Feb 17: We are all out at 24 Hour Town!
Thursday, February 20th - NO SCHOOL - help with clubhouse move needed. We will need to be out of the old clubhouse and fully functioning in the new one by the end of the month so we would like to take advantage of this day when folks can help out, PLEASE & THANKS!

February 21-23 - Phoenix- Valley of the Sun Stage Race This is an elite race on the calendar. Coaches will be talking with riders this week to solidify who will be going. No school has to be missed since it is Rodeo Break - yeah! We will be leaving Friday morning and returning to Tucson Sunday afternoon. Space is limited in the Hostal we have rented for the weekend so PLEASE communicate with me (parents/coaches) if you are wanting to join us - we would love that and want to make sure there is space!
Saturday, March 1st - Kidical Mass  - 12pm -2pm
El Grupo will lead our monthly family bike parade - Kidical Mass - which is a great time for the whole family to come out to enjoy the ride! Isabella's ice cream to follow, as usual! 

March 2nd - Tumacacori Road Race - Volunteers Needed We are benefiting from this race once again, and therefore need to provide 7 corner marshals in 2 rounds of racing. Youth who go out to ride will need to help out, and we could use a few others, as well. This is down in Rio Rico and is a half-day event. Please let Daniela know if you can help. 
As usual, more details will be posted on the blog in the coming days/weeks about all of these...
Tuition Reminder & Update... 
You can make payments through our Donate button on the website and set up recurring payments. That is the easiest way to not forget each month - and it is secure. Please try to make your monthly contribution by the 15th of the month. Thank you!
You should be receiving an electronic RECEIPT for each payment for your records. Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.
If ever you have trouble paying one month, please communicate with Daniela about it. 
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In The News 
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Same issue - congrats to Kajeme for winning the "Ride for Someone" essay contest! 
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