Update on progress and growth at CFC schools
February 2015
Distinguished Minister of Education joins CFC leadership team
We are extremely pleased and honored to announce that Mr. Mim Loam, former Director of Primary Education for the Ministry of Education for Siem Reap Province (at right), has chosen to joined our CFC leadership team upon his retirement from civil service. He has agreed to assume the role of Secondary Education Manager reporting directly to Country Director Ung Savy. In this capacity, Mr. Loam will be responsible for improving and continuing the development of CFC’s Secondary Education Department, the Community Outreach efforts, and the Weaker Students program.
From his first introduction to CFC, Mim Loam remained impressed with CFC schools which he observed as operating at consistently higher levels than other schools. He joined a CFC teacher training trip to Singapore in 2009 to learn more and soon became a strong CFC advocate praising the quality of the buildings, the clean environment and the hard working teachers. Moreover, he appreciates our efforts to follow the Ministry of Education's plans and guidelines with commitment and efficent execution, and because CFC works within the MoE framework, state schools can better see their potential in CFC's model.
"CFC follows through; they do what they say they will. They are constantly working on solutions to challenges. There is always forward motion and at a sustainable pace."

His background underscores his long-standing commitment to education and a distinguished career as a teacher and government official. Mim Loam completed his high school education before the outbreak of war, and after the war ended, he enrolled in a training course to become a primary school teacher. He began teaching in Siem Reap in 1980 and rose quickly through various grade levels in primary and junior high school positions. In 1987, he was promoted as third Vice Director in charge of overseeing the Svay Leu district’s education, health, cultural information, and social work programs. He remained in that position until 1993 when he joined the Ministry of Education as staff in their Primary and Kindergarten Sector. He has been employed in this department in various capacities ever since, ultimately earning a promotion to the rank of Director of Primary Education for the Ministry of Education for Siem Reap Province from which he recently retired in 2014.
His decision to join our team represents a strong affirmation that CFC’s actions are responding to the needs of Cambodian education and that with CFC as a leading model school, the quality of education in Cambodia can be raised.
"CFC takes education very seriously. CFC's mission is to improve the quality of the person. There is a real focus on human resources - improving teachers and students. CFC students graduate with dignity, potential and knowledge."
~ Mim Loam
CFC Day tradition for mothers and daughters
Every CFC Day for seven years now, a group of service-minded mothers and daughters have marked the occasion by raising money to fund a service project in Siem Reap. This year was no exception. With contributions of SGD$1200 raised by the group and an additional SGD$1000 donated by Agility Logistics, the women completed the construction of twelve new hand-washing stations and made renovations and upgrades at CFC's twelve preschool locations. This provides a significant contrbution to our health and hygiene efforts.
The group also participated in Food for Thought at the Aranh campus, shared a Village Ramble scavenger hunt with students, and assembled hygiene packs with donated supplies.
Thank you moms and daughters for all you did!
Bullis School students return to Siem Reap
For the fourth consecutive year, high school students from The Bullis School in Potomac, Maryland have traveled to Cambodia as part of the school's Global Studies Program. Their service project was to build an outside patio in the center of the Spien Chreav Amelio schoolyard so that the area would be cleaner, safer and more accessible especially during the rainy season. From start to finish, they worked hard to level sand, lay paver stones and spread concrete. CFC students also pitched in outside of class time and friendships were quickly formed between the two schools.
"We have made a difference in Cambodia. Completing our project not only feels good but it is something that will last." ~ Bullis School student
The group also made connections with CFC high school students at Aranh Sakor High School by playing sports, engaging in a village ramble scavenger hunt and visiting the local temples. Time was spent sharing ideas about student council leadership and activities as several Bullis trip participants are active in their student council government back home in Maryland.
Their visit to the Aranh Sakor campus was completely orchestrated and led by eleventh-grader Peik Chun, a scholarship student who works part-time managing CFC's pen pal and village ramble programs at Aranh. We are very proud of Peik's confidence and leadership skills!
The Global Studies Program at The Bullis School has now led four dynamic and industrious groups of students to Siem Reap. We are grateful for their continued support and thrilled at the growing popularity that the CFC service trip has gained within their community. Thank you Bullis School!
CFC teacher selected for UN workshop
We are pleased to introduce Primary School teacher Kol Sinat (at right) who was recently selected to join the Regional Professional Development Workshop for Primary Level Teachers of English in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This training was sponsored by the US Embassy, and Sinat was one of only eight Cambodians chosen with other participants coming from Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Laos.
Sinat joined CFC as an English teacher at the Kong Much campus in 2008 and he has made great contributions rising to the role of English Program Manager. Sinat's biggest takeaway from the professional workshop he attended in Thailand was the importance of English immersion in the classroom with structured Khmer usage. As he says, "Teaching English in Khmer is like teaching a kid how to swim without water." He is currently working on implementing a system across CFC's ESL curriculum that emphasizes full immersion. The response has been positive and CFC's English teachers have already increased their English usage in the classroom.
"I am very excited to be working with CFC becasue I know that CFC provides educational opportunities for Cambodian children to brighten their future."
Well done Sinat!
We continue to be very proud of you!
Families lend a hand at CFC campuses
Many thanks to the Feder Family from Ridgewood, New Jersey who spent December 26th painting fifty stools at the Spien Chreav Amelio Primary School campus (at right). Classrooms without furniture cannot be fully used. Thank you for helping to complete these classrooms for our students.
The Maroney Family from Singapore built recycle bins at Kong Much Primary School on December 29th (at left). Our "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" program has been part of CFC's campus life for many years. Thank you for helping us continue to implement this program with these valuable tools.
Agility Logistics tours schools
CFC staff were thrilled to tour our campuses with Jens Wessel, Senior Vice President at Agility Logistics, and his family from Singapore (at right). The Wessel Family was shown the many developments that have been made as a direct result of continued support from Agility Logistics to our Preschool and Gender Equity programs.
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