Update on progress and growth at CFC schools
December 2014
A message from Country Director, Ung Savy
As one of CFC's leaders, I would like to express my appreciation and thanks for your generosity, kindness and support from the beginning to now. Your tireless efforts have made CFC one the most successful organizations in Cambodia. A dollar from each of you has helped thousands of our students receive the powerful impact of education. Our programs are now being implemented and shared with other schools in Cambodia.

Many students have graduated since 2003. Some are working in hotels, restaurants, guesthouses and building construction firms. They are teachers, policemen, airport security, farmers, tour guides, drivers, and more. They are working and helping to improve our country in accordance with CFC's vision and the Ministry of Education wisdoms; learn to know, learn to do, learn to be and learn to live together. This success has happened because we have the generosity and kindness of supporters like you.

CFC continues to support the 6,459 preschool through high school students still in our schools. All of us working together make it possible for them to achieve their goals. More than 200 of our teachers still need more training, resources and supplies for the classrooms which will enable them to provide effective teaching and continued learning.
Your contributions don't just help our students and communities in Cambodia. They help sustain CFC programs for the future. Thank you again for your support and kind gestures.

Sincerely yours,
Ung Savy
CFC Country Director 
Training in Singapore: Preparing for the new school year
In mid-September, nine CFC teachers traveled to Singapore to participate in an annual learning trip that boosts professional development and encourages collaborative learning through observation and intensive workshops. The sessions were held at three of Singapore's most prestigious international schools - Chatsworth International School, Singapore American School and Tanglin Trust School.
This year's trip was intended as a complement to the training that has been conducted in Siem Reap over the past three years with a focus on math, science, geography and history at the middle and high school years. 
The participating CFC teachers were eager to learn as they observed the different teaching styles of the international partner teachers, notably the emphasis on independent research and learning. By the end of the trip, all were saying that they would endeavor to incorporate many of these techniques into their own classrooms, teaching students research skills and how to use library resources for self-learning. 
The trip also included a team dinner hosted by the Education Committee, and attendance at CFC's General Meeting where they introduced themselves and gave personal testimonials about CFC's vast impact in their communities.
Thank you to the Education Committee and CFC volunteers, to our Khmer translators, and to all those international teachers who provided valuable training. No doubt our CFC teachers returned home to Siem Reap with fond memories of Singapore and ample new resources for their classrooms.
A busy start to the school year
Since the November 1st start of the 2014-2015 academic year, CFC teachers, staff and administration have been working hard to welcome students back to school routines and introduce several new programs that augment aspects of our existing curriculum. Take a look at the highlights of the year so far!
Preschool Story-telling
Echoed throughout all of our preschools, students and their mothers in the Spien Chreav Amelio community have enjoyed dynamic sessions of storytelling and reenactment with the positive encouragement of Preschool Coordinator, Melea (below with students).
The focus of CFC's preschool program is to support mothers by giving them knowledge and resources that they might not have received from their own families. It also encourages them to focus on their children's development at home. Lessons learned at a CFC preschool can have a positive impact that ripples through the entire community.
Cold Storage provides new shoes and big smiles
Hundreds of CFC students were the proud recipients of a new pair of shoes as they began the new school year. Shoes were purchased with funds raised at the Cold Storage Kids Run and Pledge-a-Shoe event held in Singapore last May. This is the second year that CFC has received support from this wonderful and generous event. Principals and teachers identified students needing shoes and now these CFC students have new shoes to help them walk to and from school every day.
Thank you Cold Storage! 
Hand-washing Celebration!
The first ever hand-washing celebration took place on December 3rd at Bakong Primary School. Despite torrential rain, parents and grandparents joined their children to listen to CFC health team trainers reinforce the practice and benefits of proper hand-washing. We are proud to have our health staff who do an incredible job of keeping our communities informed of how to stay healthy. We are pleased to welcome health educator, Chhim Sotherith, who recently joined the CFC team (from left to right in photo: Chhim Sotherith, Chat Lina and Im Uom). All those who attended the presentation also received a hygiene kit to encourage the practice of healthy habits at home.
Health in CFC classrooms: Breaking new ground
CFC nurses Im Uom and Chat Lina facilitated the first every sexual education class for students in tenth and eleventh grades with topics addressing puberty and sexual and reproductive health. Seventy-nine students participated in the sessions and feedback was positive with an interest in further sessions being incorporated in the health curriculum.
Celebration - Gender Equity!
This month's activity in support of our Gender Equity program at Aranh Sakor High School and Bakong High School brought both female and male students together. By fostering interaction, the intention is that girls and boys can learn to value and respect each other. Students were encouraged to visualize their future through discussions and group exercises. A metaphor of a tree with branches and leaves was used to show that in their everyday lives students can work hard with strong intentions to succeed no matter how strong a wind might blow or a branch might bend. With effort and focus, they are capable of amazing things in life. As a symbol of the discussion, students worked in teams to create posters of trees that will hang on classroom walls as reminders.
English Writing Workshops
Students from Aranh Sakor and Bakong High Schools participated in a unique English language writing workshop facilitated by Sue Guiney, founder of Writing Through Cambodia (www.writingthroughcambodia.com). This organization seeks to improve English fluency (written and spoken) and to enhance individual self-esteem by encouraging students to believe that their own thoughts and feelings have value and are worth expressing.
The workshop's theme was 'CHANGE'. Student writings were based on discoveries made during discussions led by Ms. Guiney covering topics of time, weather, family, environment, government and exploration. Students wrote poems and short stories written in English and shared them with their peers and CFC faculty and administration. Ms. Guiney was able to provide each student with valuable guidance and feedback, and the workshop was met with rave reviews from students and faculty alike. Student works will be shared via CFC communications portals over the next several months.
"The students were fun, hard-working, intelligent young adults and it was my privilege to get to know them," commented Ms. Guiney, photographed at left with a group of CFC student writers.
Thank you Sue Guiney!
Introducing our newest volunteer

We are pleased to introduce our newest long-term volunteer, Silke Vanspauwen (at left) who joined our Siem Reap team in October as an intern focused on our Gender Equity program. Originally from Belgium, Silke is in the final stages of receiving her Masters degree in social cultural pedagogy, studying how social and cultural challenges impact the ways people live together. In addition to the Gender Equity program, Silke hopes to explore the generation gap between CFC students and their parents through workshops that will try to encourage parents to support their children's learning and children to learn from their parents' experiences.
Welcome aboard Silke!
International teacher training
Over the Thanksgiving weekend, twenty-eight teachers from the Singapore American School (SAS) and three teachers from Taipei American School conducted training sessions at all five CFC primary school campuses. In total, there were an impressive 114 participants who attended the workshops.
One focus for this year's training was problem solving for preschool and primary school math curriculum. Teachers discussed techniques and practiced newly created lessons with their students putting their new skills and leadership to immediate practice.
The other focus was library training with particular emphasis on modeling how to read aloud to student groups. The TAS teachers spent time touring libraries at Kong Much, Spien Chreav Amelio and Aranh Primary Schools and working directly with the CFC librarians.
The culmination of the visit was a community presentation where CFC faculty highlighted key educational components of the training and teachers distributed hygiene packs that had been donated and assembled by the Singapore American School community.
The camarderie and mutual respect shared between CFC teachers and the international trainers continues to grow and promotes a shared commitment to learning. 
Thank you to all who contributed to the success of this November trip!
Volunteers continue valuable health screenings
For three days in November, four volunteers from CFC's Health and Dental Committee and strategic partner International Medical Clinic (IMC) in Singapore screened 741 secondary students at Bakong Motwani Junior High Schoool and Bakong High School. Height and weight measurements were taken to assess growth trends and BMIs (Body Mass Indexes) and every student was administered a vision test. Twenty-two students were identified as potentially needing glasses and additional follow-up will take place at the free AHC Eye Clinic in Siem Reap.
In addition, the team reviewed and updated priorities related to our WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) program and participated in Food for Thought at Bakong Primary School.
Thank you to everyone involved for facilitating another successful and productive Health and Dental trip, especially our visiting team of international volunteers Deborah Nelson, Helen Ford, Donnalea Barber and Shellen Fun. Each on-site health visit contributes greatly to an effective needs assessment and, ultimately, to the vital access to health and nutrition services for our students.
Well done team!
Update on CFC-Lehigh University Partnership
It has also been a busy autumn for the CFC-Lehigh University partnership. During the semester trip in October, eight Lehigh students (at right) and Dr. Sothy Eng traveled to Siem Reap to conduct evaluations on four different CFC programs - Teacher Training, Gender Equity, ESL, and Student Council. Through interviews with administrators, teachers and students, they gained valuable insight into many different aspects of these programs which will help CFC continue to direct these programs in meaningful and appropriate ways.
In late October, Lehigh PhD student Whitney Szmodis worked with ESL mentor teacher Kol Sinat and Suy Sophea (at right) to integrate project-based learning into the English classroom. Students worked in groups to build functional bridges using simple materials. After initial presentations, students then had to discuss ways to improve and redesign their bridges. The workshop proved a great success. Nearly one hundred students at Aranh Primary School volunteered to attend the workshop the week before the school year started! The intention is to incorporate more experential learning exercises like this one into CFC's ongoing curriculum.
Volunteer service trips make a difference
Tanglin Trust mothers take action
What happens when a group of like-minded service-oriented women come together? Simply put, a lot gets accomplished! In late November, eight mothers from the Tanglin Trust School community in Singapore (at right) traveled to Siem Reap to volunteer together at Bakong Primary School. Prior to their trip, the women raised SGD$3334 to fund their projects which included new stools and desks, bullentin boards and a new water pump. They also spent a day at Bakong Primary painting the furniture and assembling the bullentin boards. 
Thank you ladies!
Corporate volunteers take time to make a difference
In early November, a Wincor Nixdorf corporate trip brought sixty employees to Siem Reap where they spent a half-day working on a service project. Participants donated USD$1270 to purchase and paint thirty new desks and separate stools and assembled hygiene packs for distribution to our pre-school communities. 
Thank you Wincor Nixdorf!
With thanks to our recent volunteers at Bakong and Aranh campuses
- Jenny English and a group of industrious friends painted tables and stools at Bakong Primary School.
- The Donadio Family traveled from Singapore and worked at the Aranh Sakor High School library covering books with the help of students and CFC Student Council representatives.
- Teresa Smith and family members worked to spread dirt on the grounds of Bakong Primary School alongside forty CFC students.
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