An update on progress and growth at CFC schools
~ October 2018 ~
Get ready! We're off and running again!
On December 2nd, CFC staff, family and friends will once again be going that extra mile on behalf of CFC's 3,000 primary school students. For the third year in a row, participants will be joining the Angkor Wat Half-Marathon, and this year, they are running towards a goal of raising $15,000! We applaud the CFC team's training and fundraising efforts to build momentum for this year's campaign - “Starting our Students off on the Right Foot” - and we look forward to reporting on everyone's race success!
"We're thrilled to support the efforts of Cambodians who are running and raising money for their own schools. Well done team!" ~ The Norris Family (Canada)
Will you be in Siem Reap on December 2nd?
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Generous donation opens world of reading to CFC students
Late last summer, supporter Jeannette Spinelli visited Siem Reap for the first time to attend the official opening of the library refurbishment that she sponsored. The Texas businesswoman, and friend of CFC Founder Jamie Amelio, donated nearly $70,000 from her business, Spinelli Residential Real Estate, to upgrade the Aranh Primary School library and stock it with new books and resources.
Jeannette Spinelli recalls fondly how she grew up loving books, and how her neighborhood library enabled her to discover people, places and subjects. As she told a group of Aranh Primary School students, “the library was special to me because I knew that when I went there, I could be anywhere.” 
Says CFC Founder Jamie Amelio, “our literary program is one of the most important programs we have; other programs don’t mean anything if we don’t have a library where the children can come and read.”
In addition to being a generous donor to CFC schools, Jeanette has promised to return to her community and encourage more people to get involved, to experience Cambodia's culture, and to explore how they can make a difference. She remarked that "it's a wonderful lesson for those of us who have more material things when you can see firsthand the happiness and the gratitude of these Cambodian communities."
Thank you Jeannette Spinelli!
Medical screenings continue to yield proactive outcomes
The Health Education Team returned to Siem Reap in August to collaborate with CFC's in-country staff on another round of important vision and growth (BMI) screenings. Volunteers from CFC's valued partner, International Medical Clinic (Singapore), together with long-time volunteer Miranda Thomas worked alongside CFC staff over several busy days to screen 986 students. Eyesights were tested, and height and weight measurements were recorded and compared with previous data, an important process that helps monitor student nutrition levels. Of these, seven students were referred for vision care follow-ups and fifty-nine were referred for BMI follow-ups. Miranda Thomas also led an engaging training session about child development for preschool teacher assistants.
As a follow-up, CFC staff will be creating lesson plans and presentations for families so that our communities can better understand the importance of good nutrition. Together with access to medical care, these community education efforts are essential to ensuring fundamental changes in health practices.
Thank you team for another successful trip!
Hospitality offers careers for many CFC graduates
As the Cambodian school year ended in September, many of our recent high school graduates have since embarked on new adventures. CFC strives to provide our students with the education and schooling that will help them work towards a meaningful future. One example of a successful post-graduate program that has enrolled many CFC students over the years is Sala Bai Hotel and Restaurant School.
Sala Bai offers free vocational training in culinary and hospitality careers. The training program lasts eleven months and includes theory and practical experience at school or during internships at partner hotels. The twelfth month is dedicated to job searching and social workers help students find their first job. Most Sala Bai graduates find employment and continue on to stable, professional careers in the hospitality industry. CFC's most recent graduating class will have five students join the Sala Bai program!
Congratulations and good luck to all!
"After I finished the national exam, I was nervous. I didn't expect that I could compete with other students for a scholarship. And I know that my family is very poor and couldn’t support me to go to university. I don’t want to be a farmer like my parents. They work so hard, but are still poor.
At CFC, I attended career preparation class and gender class since grade 10. One day I told my Gender Equity teacher that I want to study at Sala Bai and she said she would help me! Now I study cooking at Sala Bai. I am so happy and my parents are happy I am learning this new skill!"
~ Yat Soriya, CFC Graduate and Sala Bai Student
Bonuses given in recognition of superior teaching
A CFC teacher is highly skilled and well supported by our administration and our established Teacher Training curriculum and workshops. CFC teachers also benefit from the opportunity to earn annual performance bonuses, a practice unique to CFC schools. To qualify, they must achieve certain targets across a broad range of performance criteria. We congratulate those deserving teachers who received October bonuses from Superintendent of Schools and Country Director Ung Savy.

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