May 17, 2012
Dear Friend of Biomimicry,
I'm bursting with pride and want to make sure you've heard the exciting news. Our own Janine Benyus has won the Design Mind category of the 13th annual National Design Awards program sponsored by Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum in New York.

The Design Mind is a prestigious award given in recognition of a visionary person, such as an educator, author, critic, curator, or designer, who has had a profound impact on design theory, practice, or public awareness.
I cannot think of a more apt honor for Janine, whose commitment to biomimicry has profoundly impacted the sustainable design movement and elevated a once unknown field to the international stage.
Janine responded to the news by saying:
"It has been my privilege and my lifelong passion to bring nature’s wisdom to the people who design our world. Being honored by this creative community is a halleluiah moment for biomimicry—a coming of age for nature-inspired design."
The National Design Awards ceremony will be held on October 17 at a gala dinner in New York, where Janine will be honored along with the other nine category winners.
As she mentions above, this is a win not only for Janine, but also for all of us who care about biomimicry. Recognition by the National Design Museum ensures that more people will learn about the power of biomimicry to transform design. 
These victories make it easier to bring biommicry into your own company, organization, or classroom.
Please join me in celebrating this biomimicry win by passing along this great news.
Best wishes,
Bryony Schwan
Executive Director
Biomimicry 3.8 Institute

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