Call for volunteers!
Many thanks to those who have contacted candidates and moved this project forward!
Additional volunteers are needed to continue this momentum.
Any time you can give will go a long way toward informing SC voters.
Dear Friends:
For too long, South Carolinians voted in the dark, with little idea of where our candidates stood on important questions concerning gun policy. Changing that is central to Arm-in-Arm’s mission.

There’s something significant and simple YOU can do now to help!
We've selected 41 races in our state to to elicit responses from the candidates on two timely gun policy issues:  Universal Background Checks and the Open Carry of handguns in public places — our grocery stores, playgrounds, restaurants, bars and theaters..

This year, due to the pandemic and an increase in early mail-in voting, timely action is more important than ever.

Here’s what we’re asking everyone to commit to in the next two weeks:
Find your US Representative, SC Senate and House voting districts here.
Click the TAKE 3! button to the right, or email the words “I’ll Take 3!” and your US Representative, SC Senate and House voting district numbers to
We’ll email you instructions and the brief form letter that presents the two crucial YES/NO questions AND contact information for six candidates in three key races. You’ll send the two questions to those candidates, then forward their responses to Arm-in-Arm so we can record them.
In just a few minutes with a follow-up email if the candidate doesn’t answer your first attempt you’ll have made a significant contribution to voters across our state . . . and to responsible gun policy!
Make an even bigger difference by clicking on the TAKE 5! button to the left, or emailing the words “I’ll Take 5!” to 
We’ll provide you with the candidates and contact info for five races. Please be sure to include your US Representative, SC Senate and House District numbers.

The survey results will be disseminated statewide, via ads and social media, as early as the beginning of October, so that voters will be able to make informed decisions.

Now, more than ever, we need to shine a light on our candidates’ responses to two vital questions . . .
In addition to providing important information to SC voters, each time you contact a candidate it impresses on them how many citizens are now actively concerned by this issue!

Together, let’s hold lawmakers accountable.

Stay connected. Get informed. 
Be proactive. Arm-in-Arm!


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