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Elul 5777 | September 2017  

The new academic year is in full swing at FTI, bustling with the sweet sounds of talmidim learning, davening, playing, laughing, and growing all around. With tremdous siyata dishmaya, we have started the year with new record overall enrollment once again, for the sixth straight year, plus our largest incoming 9th grade ever, at 22 students. 
We are expecting an incredible year for all of our talmidim, especially with the addditon of a new bekious-reading program and a new cutting-edge STEM course. 
Thanks to friends and supporters like you, FTI continues to flourish, as our students are taught with warmth, skill, and role-modeling about the beauty of yiddishkeit and the Joy of Torah - for life. Please take a few minutes and browse this email to catch a glimpse of life at FTI and share in the nachas.

D'var Torah Corner
Preparing for Rosh Hashana and Hashem's Middos
Throughout Elul and Tishrei, a common theme and practice is saying Hashem's 13 Middos (attributes). These Middos include being compassionate, merciful, slow to anger, kind, truthful, and more.    
The Gemara in Rosh Hashanah on 17B tells us when referring to the 13 Middos "yaseh k'seder hazeh" "when Klal Yisrael needs atonement, do this order, and then they will receive atonement". Many meforshim ask, "There have been many people who have said the 13 Middos and haven't received kapara" and furthermore, "why does it say do this order as opposed to say this order," how does one "do Hashem's middos"?
The Alshich on Tehillim tells us that when we recite Hashem's Middos we are not merely just supposed to say the words. We also need to inculcate Hashem's middos into ourselves; saying the words is not the end, but really just the beginning. The goal is to follow in Hashem's ways by making ourselves more compassionate, more kind, and more truthful.
Now we understand why we recite Hashem's middos so many times throughout Elul and Tishrei during slichos and the other special davenings. As we go through the process of approaching Hashem on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, we need to take the message of the 13 middos and improve our own middos. It's more of a mussar seder, rather than just davening. If we can emulate Hashem's middos, then the Gemara says we will surely receive atonement during the Aseres Yemai Teshuva. May we all be zocheh to be mekayim the words of the Gemara as explained by the Alshich and merit full atonement this year.
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Photo Gallery
Pre-Shacharis Learning
Rabbi Juni developing a deep point with his first year BM shiur
Rabbi Max blowing shofar 
Algebra II with Mr. DeBarger
Rabbi Gedalya Glatt speaking to
the FTI Mesivta.
Talmidim enjoying the FTI grounds.
Rabbi Shmidman, Rebbe and Dorm Mashgiach, discussing Hashkafa with some talmidim.
Mesivta Orientation
Rabbi Shlomo Yonason Harris visits FTI for Rebbe training, and divrei hisorirus and chizuk to the Mesivta, and the Bais Medrash.
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Exciting Hanhala Changes
FTI Names Rabbi Chananya Kramer as New Menahel
Rabbi Chananya Kramer, previously FTI’s Associate Menahel has become FTI’s Menahel. Rabbi Kramer was a legendary Rebbe in RSA in Queens and then assumed administrative duties there as well, prior to joining FTI in 2015 as Associate Menahel. Since his arrival at FTI, he has instituted a multitude of new systems and initiatives making a major yeshiva-wide impact. Now he will focus his attention on ensuring all students and staff members are supported and thriving. 
Rabbi Chaim Juni, previously FTI’s menahel and one of the Roshei Yeshiva, is now Rosh Mesivta and a maggid shiur in the Bais Medrash. Rabbi Avrohom Harris, 12th grade Rebbe, has been named our new curriculum coordinator for the school, and has made many significant improvements to the schedule and curriculum in the few months that he has been on the job.

FTI Science Department Launches STEM Course
FTI Partners with the Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education
The FTI Science department, together with the Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education (CIJE), is excited to offer to our students a new STEM course (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).  
Preparing our students for success in our rapidly advancing world requires more than a basic ability to read, write, and perform simple math. Engineering is the process in which the knowledge of math, science, and technology gained by study, experience, and practice is applied to develop ways to utilize materials in nature for the benefit of society.
Some of the topics students will be introduced to are circuits, systems, electricity, and sensors, all in the context of problem solving for today's times. Students have access to a range of different specialized resources through our new STEM program, including Powerpoints, videos, a specially designed textbook, and experiments.  
This program was made possible through the generosity of CIJE, AVICHAI Foundation, and you, to help secure a more succesfull future for our students.

New Bekious-Reading Program
Focus on Reading
FTI Mesivta students are being challenged to improve their fluency in reading Gemara. Spearheaded by Rabbi Davidowitz, Rabbi Kramer and Rabbi Harris developed a Yeshiva-wide program to improve the talmidim's reading ability.  
All FTI rebbeim are incorporating specific educational practices into their classrooms. Talmidim are encouraged to read with a chavrusa, in front of the class, and in groups. Rebbeim are including reading-focused questions into worksheets and quizzes, and students often record themselves reading Gemara as a homework assignment.
To top it off, thanks to a generous sponsor, talmidim will be rewarded with $5 when they read and translate an entire amud of Gemara to a Rebbe in 5 minutes or less. Thank you to our first generous sponsor who wishes to remain anonymous for sponsoring the first 72 amudim of this program. B"H, many students have already taken advantage of this amazing program, and in just the second week of Yeshiva we are almost out of funding for the first 72 amudim.  
The nachas stories already coming out of the program are truly amazing. Boys who never thought they could do something like this, have done it, and now have more confidence and satisfaction in thier learning than ever. Please contact Rabbi Kramer or the FTI office if you would like to have a share in this amazing life-changing program.

Largest Incoming 9th Grade Class in FTI History
22 New Freshman Joined FTI this Fall
The growth of FTI over the last few years has been truly remarkable, but was capped based on space and logistical considerations. Due to the great need to accommodate more students who were literally clamoring to get in, we opened a new track, shifted schedules, and hired more teachers to be able to service more 9th graders for both Judaic and General Studies. Of course, each student will Be"H still receive the proper attention he needs in and out of all his classes to be the most successful he can be. 

FTI Has Been Approved!
FTI Can Now Accept Foreign Students
Until recently, although students from Israel, Canada, and Mexico were interested in attending FTI, FTI was unable to accept them.  The SEVIS (Foreign Student) Federal Government application took more than a year to process and gain approval. In the U.S. Government's own words: "This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students." As we start off this school year, we look forward to sharing the Joy of Torah with all students, regardless of where they come from.

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FTI seeks to engage the intellect and emotion of every student and produce talmidim distinguished by their dedication to ongoing Torah study, commitment to personal character development and responsibility to Klal Yisrael.

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