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Sarvey Wildlife Care Center
July 2016
Coyote Hit by Car
 Summer Survival Stories
The month of July has been very busy and filled with unique patients, surgeries, rescues, and releases. Everyday at the wildlife care center is different, while we see the same species regularly - they all have different stories of survival and the staff, our interns, and volunteers work tirelessly to help them all. As we are quickly approaching August, some of our interns are preparing to leave to return to school, and new ones are arriving and getting settled in for the late summer and fall internships.
The photo above is of a juvenile coyote that arrived at our center after being hit by a car. It was suffering from a fractured humerus, and needed surgery. We must give a HUGE thank you to Dr. Martin Haulena (of the Vancouver Aquarium) and our vet Dr. Lesanna Lahner (Seattle Aquarium) for spending hours helping save this beautiful pup.  We could not help as many patients with such serious injuries without the help of veterinarians. The leg was surgically pinned, and we are hopeful that it will heal so he can run and jump, and be a wild coyote once again. He is resting comfortably and making great progress. We have two other orphaned pups in our care as well, and once his leg is healed he will be able to join them until they are all big enough to be released together later this summer.
1.                                           2.                                         3.
1. Coyote with mange gets a bath. He was not impressed.
2. Peregrine Falcon recovering from gunshot wounds.
3. Juvenile Merlin found in Seattle unable to fly.
Many of the owls that we profiled last month in our newsletter have been released. The rest will be ready to go soon. We also have two juvenile bald eagles that were born this winter, but were found on the ground failing to thrive. One came out of a tree on the 4th of July before it was ready and able to fly. Sadly, we often see increases of displaced and disoreinted animals after the 4th of July fireworks in our area. While it is meant to be festive and celebratory for us humans, the explosive nature of fireworks is terrifying for our area wildlife.
Probably one of the most memorable survival stories and rescues this summer involved an adult bobcat. On July 6th, we received a call from an area vet hospital. A bobcat had been struck by a car and was knocked out at the scene. The driver was shaken and another passerby offered to take him and get him some help. However, he had no way to contain the unconscious bobcat but, the vet hospital was very close. He arrived, went inside to get some help, and came back out to find the bobcat had woken up. Now alert and mad - it was not safe for him or the vet staff to remove the wild bobcat from the car.
They called our center and fortunately Officer Peters and Ludwig with WA Dept of Fish and Wildlife were able to go and contain the animal. They brought it back to our facilty and our staff and Dr. Lahner were able to tranquilize him and do an exam. The bobcat was very lucky and did not suffer any fractures, just some minor lacerations from the incident and bit of internal and head trauma. He was feeling much better in a couple of days, eating well, and was safely released back into the wild. We are so grateful that people are willing to go to such lengths to help animals in need, and so happy that this turned out well for the kind man who picked up the cat too! Video of his release can be seen here.
These are just a few stories from this month. You can see more updates and photos on our FaceBook page. Also, be sure to visit our website and see our Patient of the Week profiles and you can click through their stories and follows updates on progress and releases.
Donations can be made on our website by using our secure credit card processor, or if you prefer Paypal. Checks can be mailed to our center. Thank You!
1. Snowshoe hare survived being hit by a car. It fractured its shoulder, but it healed well and this feisty girl was released. 2. A young Turkey vulture suffered some head trauma after being hit by a car. It was released on July 27, you can see video on our Facebook page. 3. Northern saw-whet owl arrived unable to stand, we don't know what happened - maybe a collison with a window. It eventually recovered and was recently released. 4. This Red-tailed hawk had to be rescued by a couple of our interns. It was entangled and caught in landscape netting the homeowner was using to cover some berry bushes. The interns were able to cut the hawk free, and it is recovering and will be released soon.
Educational Opportunities
Have you seen our non-releasable raptors? Hawks, owls, eagles, and a turkey vulture ... coming to a venue near you! Learn more about these amazing birds of prey and the work we do at Sarvey caring for orphaned and injured wildlife.
Festival of the River - Stillaguamish Tribe

 Saturday, August 13 and Sunday, August 14
Lynnwood Library 
Saturday, August 20 - 3:00
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Even if you had us as your charity of choice in the past, you are required to re-register for the next year to continue to support our organization. We receive about $500 a quarter from this program. If you have never registered your rewards card, you can do it today. CLICK HERE to get started. Our # is: 91530
There are lots of ways you can help support our mission. Many local employers have gift matching programs. Does yours? Sarvey is registered with Boeing, Microsoft, Starbucks to name a few – and these companies match $ for $ their employee contributions. Does your employer match donations to non-profits? It is wonderful to have these companies helping to support our efforts too!
Another easy way to donate is to simply register your store rewards cards with FRED MEYER (register through their website Community Rewards program – our number is 91530) or BARTELL DRUGS. More information is on our website home page.
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