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Dear RENEW Friend,
Pope Benedict XVI in his letter The Door of Faith proclaimed a Year of Faith to begin on October 11, 2012—the 50th anniversary of Vatican II and the 20th anniversary of the promulgation of the Catechism of the Catholic Church by Blessed John Paul II.
God is knocking on the door of our hearts, inviting us to a deeper more personal relationship with Christ. This relationship calls us to ongoing conversion: offering our lives each day to love God and to love our neighbor. In the spirit of Vatican II, this Year of Faith is an opportunity to recommit ourselves to awaken, deepen, and share our faith. However, personal conversion is not enough. We need to participate in the renewal and reform of the church for the sake of the world. 
To reflect further on this topic, read my RENEW blog post.
Sr. Theresa Rickard, OP, DMin
President and Executive Director  
Estimado/a Amigo/a,
El Papa Benedicto XVI en su carta, La Puerta de la Fe proclamo que el Año de la Fe comenzara el 11 de octubre, 2012-el 50 aniversario del Concilio Vaticano II y el 20 aniversario de la promulgación del Catecismo de la Iglesia Católica por el Beato Juan Pablo II.
 Dios está llamando a la puerta de nuestros corazones, invitándonos a una relación más profunda, más personal con Cristo. Esta relación nos llama a la conversión constante: ofreciendo nuestras vidas cada día para amar a Dios y a nuestro prójimo. En el espíritu del Concilio Vaticano II, este Año de la Fe es una oportunidad para renovar nuestro compromiso de despertar, profundizar, y compartir nuestra fe. Sin embargo, la conversión personal no es suficiente. Tenemos que participar en la renovación de la Iglesia para el bien del mundo.
 Para reflexionar sobre este tema, lea el blog de RENEW.
Hermana Theresa Rickard, OP, DMin
Presidente y Directora Ejecutiva

Are You Ready for The Year of Faith? 
RENEW Has Resources for You
Pope Benedict XVI has set aside October 2012 to November 2013 as “The Year of Faith.” During this time, we as Catholics are called to awaken, deepen, and renew our faith. The Year of Faith commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council and the 20th anniversary of the universal Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Why focus on faith? Knowing one’s faith provides a greater sense of meaning in life. However, many have fallen out of the practice of their faith or lack the confidence to share their faith with those close to them.  Growing in faith is a lifelong journey that begins with a first step. Here are some suggestions for the Year of Faith along with resources:
Your Donations at Work 
Serving Military Personnel and Their Families
The stress among men and women in the U.S. military can be severe at times, especially when they are stationed abroad. They and their families need to know that God and the Catholic Church care about them. Thanks to your generosity, RENEW is able to reach more people in military service and their families with pastoral services that deepen faith. A woman stationed in Germany offered this reflection:
“My name is Rita and I’m from Stork Barracks in Illesheim. I really enjoyed Why Catholic? because it has brought a stronger sense of community, and we feel more like a family now. And we get to learn so much about the faith and help each other through our hardships.”
Thank you for your support of RENEW International.

At Prayer with Mary 
Resources Available Now
An important theme of the Year of Faith that begins in October is devotion to Mary, the mother of Jesus. RENEW International has introduced two new faith-sharing resources that focus on Mary, At Prayer with Mary in English and No temas, María in Spanish. At Prayer with Mary provides seven faith-sharing sessions, and No temas, María provides six.
Both of these resources are designed to help Catholics, within the context of small Christian communities, to deepen their relationship with Mary, who was not only the mother of Jesus but also his first disciple. Participants read and respond to Scripture, share their reactions to personal reflections, and commit to take actions in their lives that will imitate Mary’s example of saying “yes” to God’s will.  
At Prayer with Mary and No temas, María provide a renewed appreciation of Mary’s place in today’s world, where she, as always, points the way to Christ.

Canonization Mass 
Seven New Saints
Pope Benedict XVI will canonize seven saints on October 21:
  • Mother Marianne Cope, who left New York to care for lepers in Hawaii.
  • Kateri Tekakwitha, Native American born in New York, baptized in 1676.
  • Father Jacques Berthieu, born in France and martyred in  Madagascar.
  • Peter Calungsod, lay catechist born in Cebu, Philippines, and martyred in Guam.
  • Father Giovanni Battista Piamarta, Italian founder of religious orders.
  • Carmen Salles y Barangueras, Spanish founder of the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception. She worked with disadvantaged girls and prostitutes.
  • Anna Schaffer, German lay woman, prevented by illness from being a missionary.

Join Us for an Evening of Poetry 
Irma Lanzas, also known as Irma Chávez, will read from her new bilingual collection of poetry Wednesday, Oct. 3, at 7 p.m. on the Seton Hall University Campus, South Orange, NJ. The poetry reading will be take place in the Walsh Gallery on the lower level of the Walsh Library.
Entitled Absolute Amazement: Mystical Poetry for the 21st Century / Absoluto Asombro: Poesía Mística para el Signo XXI, the book was published by RENEW International  earlier this year.
The poetry reading is presented by Seton Hall University’s Joseph A. Unanue Latino Institute, Poetry-in-the-Round, and RENEW International.
Dr. Chávez has been a missionary for 27 years, working with RENEW International to promote spiritual renewal among Hispanics in the United States and Central America. In addition to her poetry, she writes gospel reflections for faith sharing. Proceeds of the sale of her book will support RENEW’s work with youth in El Salvador.

New Tree of Life Prayer Garden 
An excellent way of honoring a loved one
RENEW International now provides a way for you to give a loved one a special gift with enduring spiritual value: membership in the Tree of Life Prayer Garden on the grounds of RENEW International. This beautiful garden will be paved with engraving stones (like those illustrated here) designed for friends of RENEW who want to dedicate a permanent memorial to a loved one, living or deceased. The Tree of Life Prayer Garden is for anyone whom you would like to lift up in prayer. All of those whose names are enshrined in our garden will be prayed for at our garden Masses.
Select from these paver options for your gift
(all prices include inscription):
 Large paver in cross (13”x 19 ½”)        $800
Medium paver in cross (13” x 13”)        $600
Small paver in cross (5” x 13”)             $500
Large paver in walkway (7” x 10”)        $400
Medium paver in walkway (5” x 10”)     $250
Small paver in walkway (5” x 7”)          $150
If you have any questions, please call John Carney at 908-769-5400, ext. 143.  

Renewing Family Faith 
Learning the Way
Does the Sunday Gospel get heard and appreciated? The family may take time the night before to make the participation in the Sunday liturgy more meaningful and fruitful. Here are some suggestions:
  • Take turns reading the Gospel aloud
  • Discuss its meaning
  • Discuss how the Gospel speaks to you in your life
  • Share a snack together as you read and discuss
A weekly family sharing of today's meaning of Jesus' message will nourish family bonds and values.

 Young adults at San Felipe Apostol parish in Chihuahua, Mexico, celebrate completing their first year of ¿Por qué ser católico?

Consider honoring or remembering a loved one with a gift to RENEW International.
Your tax-deductible donation to RENEW International helps us engage more people to strengthen their faith and find God in everyday life.
In This Issue
St. Francis of Assisi 
One of the most beloved religious figures in history, St. Francis of Assisi (d. 1226), is honored by the Church on October 4. The patron saint of animals and of the environment was born wealthy but opted for a life of poverty and prayer, and bore the wounds of Christ’s passion—the stigmata. He founded the Franciscans, the Poor Clares, and the Third Order of St. Francis.
St. Kateri Tekakwitha 
Among the seven men and women to be canonized by Pope Benedict XVI on October 21 is Kateri Tekakwitha (1656-1680), the first Native American recognized as a saint. Blessed Kateri was an Algonquin-Mohawk born in what is now New York; after surviving smallpox as a child, she was baptized a Roman Catholic at the age of 20 and professed vows of virginity. She died at 24 in a missionary village south of Montreal.
Advent Resources 
You can plan now for your small Christian community to prepare for the celebration of Jesus’ birth with Advent Awakenings or Reflexiones en Adviento.
Table Talk: 
Family Discussion
As The Year of Faith begins, reflect on the following:
1) Give an example of when you formed your conscience based on what Jesus said in the Gospels.
2) When has a conflict arisen between what you think is right and the action of another person? How can you address the issue with this person and continue to still be loving and caring toward him or her?
Pondering the Word 
"They show that what the law requires is written on their hearts, to which their own conscience also bears witness; and their conflicting thoughts will accuse or perhaps excuse them..."
—Romans 2:15
How do you nourish and follow your conscience?
Share Your Story! 
Share your story of inspiration with us and it may be included in the next World RENEW eNewsletter! 
Estate Giving 
Consider making a gift to RENEW through your estate. For sample language so you can arrange a bequest without rewriting your entire will, please contact John Carney at 908-769-5400 ext.143, or
Enrich your spiritual life through the RENEW Blog: Branching Out.
Suggestions? Comments? Send us your feedback!

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