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I came that they may have life, and have it more abundantly. 
—John 10:10

Dear RENEW Friend,
The New Year brings a desire to make resolutions to improve the quality of our lives. Often we choose to focus on physical things such as dieting or exercising. This year I invite you to consider making a resolution to deepen your relationship with God. For example, resolve to pray the Sunday Scripture readings or say a daily decade of the rosary, read a spiritual book, forgive someone, or perform an act of charity.
The more we give ourselves over to God the more we become like God: compassionate, loving, forgiving, and justice-seeking. I pray that through God’s grace we will draw closer to God this year and experience life more abundantly.
Sr. Theresa Rickard, OP, D.Min.
President and Executive Director  
Yo he venido para que tengan vida y la tengan en abundancia.
—Juan 10, 10
Estimado/a Amigo/a,
El nuevo año trae un deseo de hacer propósitos para mejorar la calidad de nuestras vidas. Muchas veces optamos por enfocarnos en cosas como hacer dieta o ejercicio. Este año te invito a considerar el hacer un propósito para profundizar tu relación con Dios. Por ejemplo, comprométete a meditar las lecturas del domingo o rezar una década del rosario diariamente, leer un libro espiritual, perdonar a alguien, o hacer una obra de caridad.
Mientras más nos entregamos a Dios, más nos parecemos a Él: compasivos, amorosos, misericordiosos y justos. Rezo para que con la gracia de Dios, nos acerquemos más a Dios este año y experimentemos vida en abundancia.
Con gratitud,
Hermana Theresa Rickard, OP, D.Min.
Presidente y Directora Ejecutiva

New Year, New Website 
Knowing RENEW Just Got Easier
We are excited to announce that has a new look! It’s cleaner, brighter, and more simple to navigate. We are committed to giving you easy access to your member-only features, as well as more interactive and fresh content such as podcasts, videos, and our blog. Come see everything the new website has to offer.

Your Donations at Work 
Separated from Family, but Not from God
We can show our people serving overseas that we care about them by helping to keep them connected to their faith. This can make a big difference in their stressful world. Military personnel serving abroad report that participation in RENEW programs gives them spiritual strength and helps them bond with their neighbors:
“I highly recommend Why Catholic? It’s very helpful for our parish’s growth and it has helped people become more active in their church.”
—US Army chaplain stationed in Germany
“We just finished one Why Catholic? book and I thoroughly enjoyed the 12-week program. There is so much to learn about our faith. This program helps me share the experience with others. I think that really strengthens us as Catholics and as a community, especially being here overseas and away from our families and friends.”
—J.M., spouse of a US Army soldier in Heidelberg, Germany
Your donations to RENEW make it possible for us to bring Why Catholic? and other programs to Americans in the military. For example, a gift of $500 helps provide our programs to one military base of 50 people.
Thank you!
Left: Participants gather for Why Catholic? on the military base in San Diego, California.
Right: Listen to Rev. Romeo Axalan's comments on his experiences with Why Catholic? as he serves in the US Army in Ansbach, Germany.

What Are You Giving Up for Lent? 
Lenten Longings Cycle B Can Help
Why not give up some time—about 90 minutes a week—to prepare for the celebration of Christ’s resurrection?
RENEW International is offering new English and Spanish faith-sharing processes to help you get ready.

Lenten Longings and Reflexiones en Cuaresma for Year B include Lectionary-based prayers and reflections for small Christian communities for the six weeks of the season.
Have an e-reader? Our new Lenten Longings Year B e-book will be released in the beginning of February. You will be able to find it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes! Check for updates on our website.
There’s music, too. Songs for Lenten Longings are available on the CD Music for Prayer. Songs for Reflexiones en Cuaresma are available on the CD Comunidad que canta: Himnos para la Cuaresma.


Personal Connection 
Planning Makes Perfect
It’s all about the planning. That spells success for parishes engaged in the Why Catholic? process from RENEW International.
Sheri Isham is the catechetical coordinator in the Diocese of Nashville, Tennessee which is in the fourth year of Why Catholic?  She says the program has especially thrived where there was good groundwork.
“I found that parishes that had the most success were those that followed the program's structure,” Sheri explained. “They put together a planning team, came up with promotional ideas, and stayed with the plan.”
One parish, for example, began with 50 groups three years ago and still has 50 groups.  Read more of Sheri’s story.

Gala 2012 
Save the Date!
Join us for our 13th Annual Dinner Gala
Thursday, June 7, 2012  6 p.m.
Pleasantdale Château, West Orange, New Jersey
Contact Margarita for more information.
Bernard M Hartnett, Jr.
President’s Award
Anthony Gostkowski
Spirit of RENEW Award
Men’s Small Christian Community,
Wednesday 6 a.m.,
Church of the Presentation,
Upper Saddle River, New Jersey
Msgr. Thomas A Kleissler Award

Renewing Family Faith 
Wholeness in Life: A Self-reflection Exercise
In her book The Bridge to Wholeness (Laura Media), Jean Raffa provides a vision of the whole person. Her list includes those who:
-Are involved in meaningful work              -Love the truth
-Are able to laugh at themselves               -Love themselves
-Look for the good, hope for the best        -Love life
-Have a meaningful spiritual life               -Affirm others
-Suffer when others are suffering              -Love others
-Accept responsibility for their choices      -See others as teachers

What other qualities would you name as essential to becoming a whole person? Note those qualities you already possess. Pay special attention to the ones you would like to integrate more fully into your own life in this new year and the future.

Participants of LEVÁNTATE (ARISE Together in Christ in Spanish) in the Diocese of San Angelo, Texas, gather in small Christan communities to strengthen and deepen their faith.

Perhaps your New Year's resolution is to be more helpful and have more concern for others. Your tax-deductible donation to RENEW International helps us engage more people to strengthen their faith and find God in everyday life.
In This Issue
Shop for RENEW 2011 
Our Dec 10, 2011 Shop to RENEW the World Event raised over $1,800!
Click here to learn more about the event and to view photos.
Muriel Cagney (second from right) hosted the shopping event for friends of RENEW.
RENEW International's Annual Report 2011 
See how RENEW is furthering its mission and fostering spiritual renewal around the world in our new interactive Annual Report.
Pondering the Word 
"But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything, and remind you of all that I have said to you."
John 14:26
Pray that the Holy Spirit guides you to grasp the meaning of Jesus' words and actions this new year.
Table Talk: 
Family Discussion
Having just received many blessings and gifts at Christmas, please reflect on the following:
1) The gifts of the Holy Spirit, i.e., freely given supernatural gifts to graced persons, are wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord.
2) How have you experienced any of these gifts?
Share Your Story! 
Share your story of inspiration with others and it may be included in the next World RENEW eNewsletter!
Estate Giving 
Consider making a gift to RENEW through your estate. For a sample codicil so you can arrange a bequest without rewriting your entire will, please contact John Carney at 908-769-5400 ext.143, or
Enrich your spiritual life through the RENEW Blog: Branching Out.
Suggestions? Comments? Send us your feedback!

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