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The New eTapestry is Here!

The new eTapestry 7.22.0 is here! Check out our newest New Features Guide which highlights the new features in this release.

eTapestry + SocialMediaFinder: Harness the power of Social Media

SocialMediaFinder is an integrated data service run through eTapestry that will identify constituents' social media handles, provide actionable insight into the networks constituents are most active on, and intuitively group constituents into easy to use queries so you can easily communicate with your constituents and invite them to take action on the social networks your organization has a presence on.

SocialMediaFinder is only included with the eTapestry Pro package. To learn more about the Pro package and how eTapestry and SocialMediaFinder can help you raise more money and forge a deeper connection with your constituents, please contact your account manager or email us at eTapClientAccountExecs@blackbaud.com.

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